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Data Translation Releases Signal Processing Library for .NET

Data Translation launched their Signal Processing Library for .NET. The hardware-independent software library contains DSP algorithms that can be seamlessly integrated into many measurement applications, such as sound and vibration. The Signal Processing Library for .NET (SP8075-KEY) is available royalty-free under a download license for $995. It may be distributed widely as part of any user application.

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Data Translation Introduces QuickDAQ 2013 for Data Acquisition

Data Translation QuickDAQ 2013

Data Translation introduced QuickDAQ 2013. The new software application supports all of Data Translation data acquisition modules. QuickDAQ 2013 has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of sensor types and various throughput speeds for our many OEM’s and end-users. Engineers can use one application software package for many measurement needs with no software changes. QuickDAQ 2013 is available for free. FFT Analysis and Advanced FFT Analysis add-ons are offered to build onto the capabilities of the base package.

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Data Translation Releases VIBpoint Framework V3.0 for Vibration Testing

Data Translation VIBpoint Framework V3.0

Data Translation rolled out version three of the VIBpoint Framework. The software, combined with DT dynamic signal acquisition (DAQ) devices, provides a complete vibration testing solution. VIBpoint Framework V3.0 includes tools to output stimuli with waveform generation. The application features easy-to-use configuration windows, which enables flexible selection of the desired acquisition, processing, plotting and display parameters. VIBpoint Framework V3.0 is priced at $1495.

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Data Translation LV-Link 3.0 Virtual Instruments Library

Data Translation rolled out version three of their LV-Link virtual instruments library. LV-Link 3.0 VI library enables National Instruments LabVIEW programmers to access the data acquisition features of DT-Open Layers-compliant USB and PCI devices. The software helps engineers to quickly and easily measure and control analog I/O, digital I/O, quadrature decoders, and counter/timer signals, and stream data at full-speed. LV-Link 3.0 is provided free and can be downloaded now.

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VIBpoint Framework Application V2.0

Data Translation rolled out VIBpoint Framework Application V2.0. The latest version of VIBpoint includes tools for data acquisition, enhanced signal processing and analysis features, and display. The VIBpoint Framework Application adds real-time analysis features to DT9837 and DT8837 vibration test systems. The VIBpoint Framework Application provides continuous and re-triggered data acquisition, records data to disk, and analyzes the acquired data using single-channel and two-channel FFT functions. VIBpoint Framework Application V2.0 is priced from $1495 USD.

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VIBpoint Precision Measurement System for Sound and Vibration

Data Translation introduced VIBpoint Precision Measurement System for sound and vibration. VIBpoint is a series of vibration measurement products for sound and vibration applications including noise emission monitoring, predictive maintenance, and shock analysis. The series includes both USB and Ethernet (LXI-compliant) hardware options. VIBpoint Precision Measurement System is priced starting at $7,695. Products will ship in 4-6 weeks.

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Data Translation DT9837B Data Acquisition Module

Data Translation introduced the DT9837B ultra-high throughput USB data acquisition module for portable noise and vibration measurement. The DT9837B features simultaneously sampling (up to four 24-bit) and a sampling rate of up to 105.4 kHz samples per channel. The Data Translation module is self-powered via the USB connection to a PC or laptop — no external power supply is needed. The DT9837B USB module is ideal for portable sound and vibration field measurement and analysis applications. The DT9837B data acquisition module is priced at $1795 and ships immediately.

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Data Translation DT8837 Ethernet Data Acquisition Instrument Module

Data Translation introduced the DT8837 high performance Ethernet (LXI) data acquisition instrument module for sound and vibration measurement applications. The DT8837 samples up to four 24-bit IEPE accelerometer input channels independently at up to 52.7kHz per channel or 210kHz total throughput. In addition, the DT8837 offers a 24-bit stimulus output, and a 31-bit synchronized tachometer channel for data streams that are matched in time for field or laboratory use. The DT8837 is priced at $3995 and ships 6-8 weeks ARO.

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