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Kontron Unveils SMARC Starterkit for Embedded ARM Processors

Kontron SMARC Starterkit

Kontron introduced the SMARC Starterkit. The ready-to-use kit enables developers to get started with embedded ARM processors. The Kontron SMARC Starterkit includes a sturdy transport case, has all the cables already connected and is equipped with all the necessary components, including a display and power supply. All documentation is provided on a USB drive. The Kontron kit is available now.

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Macraigor Systems On-Chip Debug Solutions for ARM Cortex-A8 Processors

Macraigor Systems ported their On-Chip Debug Technology (OCDemon), GNU Tools Suite and Eclipse Ganymede/Galileo platform to the ARM Cortex-A8 processor. The ARM Cortex-A8 superscalar processor features enhanced code density and performance, NEON technology for multimedia and signal processing, and Jazelle RCT (Runtime Compilation Target) technology for high performance, power-efficient mobile devices. OCDemon for the ARM Cortex-A8 is available immediately starting at $250 USD. The port of the GNU Tools Suite and Eclipse Ganymede/Galileo platform is being offered at no charge and can be downloaded.

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Mentor Graphics Android Development System for TI OMAP35x Processors

Mentor Graphics introduced the Android Development System for the Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP35x processors based on ARM Cortex-A8 technology. Engineers working on OMAP35x processor-based designs can leverage the Mentor Graphics version of the Android application framework to deploy Android-based applications. The Mentor Graphics solution for Android is ideal for OMAP35x developers designing medical, communication, industrial, instrumentation, home security, and digital video applications.

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Synopsys Optimized Reference Implementation Methodology for ARM Cortex-A8

Synopsys has created an optimized reference implementation methodology for the ARM Cortex-A8 processor that achieves greater than 2GHz (4000 DMIPS) at 540mW. The result was accomplished by combining optimized methodology, tools, and ARM Physical IP to enable new classes of mobile and tethered devices requiring the combination of high-performance and energy efficiency. The Synopsys Galaxy Implementation Platform methodology (scripts and documentation) for the 2GHz ARM Cortex-A8 optimized implementation is available from ARM and Synopsys.

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