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Tensilica ConnX 545CK 8-MAC VLIW Digital Signal Processor Core

Tensilica announced Revision C of the ConnX 545CK 8-MAC (multiply-accumulate) VLIW (very long instruction word) DSP (digital signal processor) core for system-on-chip (SOC) designs. In 65GP optimized for high speed, the ConnX 545CK delivers over 600 MHz operation. The third generation dataplane processor (DPU) core deliver up to 20% faster clock speed, 11% smaller die and up to 30% lower power consumption. The ConnX 545CK Revision C is available now.

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Renesas SH-4A Core Model from CoWare

CoWare introduced a high-speed model for Renesas Technology’s (Renesas) SH-4A core model. The model is already in use at Renesas for the creation of high-speed virtual platforms targeted at Renesas customers in the automotive, consumer and wireless markets. The Renesas SH-4A core model is available now from CoWare for use in CoWare Platform Architect and CoWare Virtual Platform, release 2010.1. The model was developed in tight collaboration between CoWare and Renesas ensuring the highest level of quality and verification to Renesas’ test suite.

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Tensilica HiFi EP Audio DSP IP Core

Tensilica launched HiFi EP, which is a superset of the HiFi 2 architecture that is optimized for simultaneous multichannel codec support and/or continuously expanding audio pre- and post-processing in home entertainment products such as Blu-ray Disc players, digital television (DTV), and Smartphones. HiFi EP has also been enhanced for efficient, high-quality voice pre- and post-processing. The enhancements result in up to 40% lower power and up to a 50 percent size reduction.

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