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Mentor Graphics Launches 1D-3D CFD Simulation Software Tool

Mentor Graphics introduced a 1D-3D general-purpose software solution that combines 1D and 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The solution is based on 3D FloEFD Concurrent CFD and 1D Flowmaster, which was recently acquired by Mentor Graphics. The Mentor Graphics 1D-3D product line will be available in the second half of this year.

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Mentor Graphics FloEFD for Siemens NX PLM Software

Mentor Graphics introduced Mentor Graphics FloEFD for Siemens NX technology. The new FloEFD features concurrent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation. It is seamlessly integrated with the Siemens NX product lifecycle management (PLM) software. FloEFD for Siemens NX software works directly with native NX geometry using Finite Volume mathematical techniques, which results in more robust and faster simulations.

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