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CoFluent Design Combines OMG UML, SysML, and MARTE

CoFluent Design has developed a new methodology that combines the OMG’s (Object Management Group) standards UML (Unified Modeling Language), SysML (System Modeling Language), and MARTE (Modeling and Analysis for Real-Time and Embedded Systems) profile. By offering a link from UML to CoFluent Studio and its automatic SystemC code generation, CoFluent Design makes UML models executable and applicable for multicore system virtualization and performance prediction.

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CoFluent SystemC Library for Questa Functional Verification Platform

CoFluent Studio can now be used for the creation and automatic generation of SystemC models and test cases for the Mentor Graphics Questa functional verification platform. The automatic SystemC transaction-level modeling (TLM) code generation allows reuse of IC and use case models for validating the register-transfer level (RTL) implementation in Questa.

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