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WinA&D 7.0 Features Flowcharts and Multiple Dictionary Projects

Excel Software launched version 7.0 of their WinA&D tool for requirements management, system and software design, code generation and flexible report generation. WinA&D 7.0 includes flowcharts, general enhancements to all diagram types and scriptable reports, advanced DFD features and the ability for large projects to use multiple data dictionaries. The Standard edition is $495, Desktop edition $1195 and Developer edition $1995 with Site Licenses available. WinA&D includes printed and PDF user guides.

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SinelaboreRT Tool for Generating Code from UML

SinelaboreRT is a tool for real-time embedded systems developers. SinelaboreRT generates readable and maintainable code from UML modeling tools. The generated code does not require a runtime library and can be easily used in different system designs (RTOS, foreground-background) or even in an IRQ handler. With SinelaboreRT, engineers can convert state-machine models into a target language (C++, Java and C#). Designers can influence the generation process according to thier needs. The built in state-chart editor supports model state diagrams without using a UML tool.

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AdaCore GNAT Pro Ada 6.3

AdaCore launched version 6.3 of their GNAT Pro Ada development environment. GNAT Pro 6.3 now supports 64-bit Windows, Windows 7, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, VxWorks MILS, and PikeOS (ARINC 653). It offers the first implementation of new Ada 2012 features. GNAT Pro 6.3 works with a number of complementary tools, sold separately, including the CodePeer automated code review and validation tool. GNAT Pro 6.3 is available now.

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