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Atollic TrueSTUDIO v3.3 IDE Includes Static Source Code Analysis Tools

Atollic introduced version 3.3 of their TrueSTUDIO integrated development environment (IDE). According to Atollic, the tool is the first embedded IDE to include professional static source code analysis tools. TrueSTUDIO’s analysis and metrics functions include checking for compliance against the MISRA-C:2004 coding standard and code metrics features such as code complexity analysis. The TrueSTUDIO Pro is priced at $2695 USD, including the new bundled TrueINSPECTOR, and includes one year of bundled support and upgrade agreement.

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GrammaTech CodeSonar v3.8 Features Faster Code Analysis, Fewer False Positives

GrammaTech CodeSonar v3.8 Static Analysis Tool

GrammaTech rolled out version 3.8 of their CodeSonar software. According to GrammaTech, CodeSonar v3.8 is faster and more precise than the previous version. The tool features faster code analysis with fewer false positives. The latest version of the static analysis tool makes it much easier to analyze projects with millions of lines of code. The speedup was achieved by parallelizing the analysis engine to take advantage of multi-core processors.

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Texas Instruments Introduces ULP Advisor Software Code Analysis Tool

Texas Instruments (TI) ULP Advisor software code analysis tool

Texas Instruments introduced the ULP (Ultra-Low Power) Advisor software code analysis tool. The TI ULP Advisor tool provides a static code analyzer that flags software code and offers ultra-low-power tips and tricks to help developers understand where to improve code, line by line. This results in milliamps and nanoamps saved in designs for ultimate low-power performance. ULP Advisor software is available now. It is included in the latest install of Code Composer Studio IDE version 5.2.

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