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White Paper: An Electrical-Thermal MMIC Design Flow

AWR recently published a white paper about the benefits of co-simulation. The title of the white paper is: An Electrical-Thermal MMIC Design Flow. The technical paper uses an actual design example to discuss the effectiveness of co-simulation between AWR’s Microwave Office high-frequency design software and CapeSym’s SYMMIC thermal analysis tool. An X-band RF power amplifier/low-noise amplifier MMIC for a transceiver application was designed in Microwave Office software and thermal coupling and other issues between the two circuits on the single die were quickly remedied with SYMMIC to produce optimum results.

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Sigrity PowerDC Thermal Simulation and Analysis Software

Sigrity introduced PowerDC Thermal analysis software. PowerDC Thermal eliminates manual iterations between simulations with separate electrical and thermal tools, reduces time, and improves results convergence. It is ideal for avoiding field failures. PowerDC with DC analysis, thermal analysis, and co-simulation capability is available on Windows and Linux platforms. Annual prices start at $30,000. PowerDC Thermal also is available as an added option for currently licensed Sigrity PowerDC users. It adds thermal analysis and co-simulation to the present DC analysis capability. Annual prices start at $15,000.

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Artisan Software Tools Acquires Extessy

Artisan Software Tools has acquired Extessy, which is a supplier of development tools and services for system requirements, co-simulation, integration, and test. Extessy’s tools and services complement Artisan’s existing model-based solutions for mission, safety, and life-critical complex systems development. They add important capabilities in terms of system requirements interchange and management, co-simulation and test automation.

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