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Real Intent Launches Meridian CDC 5.0 Analysis Tool

Real Intent launched version five of their Meridian CDC tool. The new hierarchical CDC flow supports partitioned analysis of designs without sacrificing top-level full-chip precision for giga-scale sign-off. Meridian CDC’s hierarchical flow avoids the compromises found with abstract-modeling and the use of waivers in other products. Meridian CDC v5.0 will be available July 1, 2013. Pricing depends on product configuration.

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Real Intent Releases Meridian Clock Domain Crossing v4.0

Real Intent rolled out version four of their Meridian Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) verification software. The CDC verification tool can be used to achieve complete CDC sign-off for large and complex SoC designs from RTL to gate. The latest version includes improvements that make it the only software solution that enables complete CDC sign-off for over 100M gate SoC designs. Meridian CDC v4.0 is available now.

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Real Intent Meridian Clock Domain Crossing Verification Software 3.0

Real Intent released Version 3.0 of Meridian Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) verification software. Meridian CDC is a precise and comprehensive CDC solution. It uses a multi-strategy analysis approach that includes Automatic Clock Intent Analysis, Formal Analysis, Hierarchical Analysis, and Dynamic Analysis (SimPortal). Meridian CDC 3.0 is available now.

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