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Synopsys Introduces IC Compiler 2012.06

Synopsys introduced version 2012.06 of their IC Compiler software. The latest release of IC Compiler release includes multiple advances to support giga-performance design. IC Compiler 2012.06 helps IC designers achieve higher clock frequencies more efficiently. Synopsys’ IC Compiler 2012.06 features optimizations that can boost operating clock speeds, expanded support for highly fragmented floorplans and new technologies that address advanced process effects.

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ADI Webinar: Fundamentals of Clocks and Clocking

Analog Devices will host a webinar about the fundamentals of clocks synthesis and distribution. The online seminar will discuss the types of phase-locked loops, the key features of these devices, and the applications they are designed for. The ADI webcast will take place tomorrow (January 18, 2012) at 12:00 pm EST. The webinar is ideal for students and engineers who are new to the field, and also for more experienced engineers looking for a refresher on this or any other part of the signal chain, design, and layout.

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