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Calypto to Host Webinars on High Level Synthesis and RTL Power Optimization

A Practical Comparison Between C++ and SystemC for High Level Synthesis Webinar

Calypto Design Systems will host two webinars next month. The online seminars will educate designers on the latest in high level synthesis (HLS) and power optimization techniques for RTL-based designs. The titles of the webcasts are Minimizing RTL Power through Sequential Analysis, and A Practical Comparison Between C++ and SystemC for High Level Synthesis.

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Calypto PowerPro 4.1 for RTL Power Optimization

Calypto Design Systems rolled out version 4.1 of PowerPro, which is an advanced RTL power optimization product family. Calypto’s PowerPro 4.1 runs on PC platforms running Linux. PowerPro CG and PowerPro MG are each priced at $295K for a one-year, time-based license. PowerPro Analyzer is included with either PowerPro CG or PowerPro MG.

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Calypto Design Systems PowerAdviser Flow

Calypto Design Systems introduced a new PowerAdviser Flow. The new flow enables designers to deliver power-optimized SoC designs. Using sequential design information generated by Calypto’s PowerPro CG and PowerPro MG tools, the PowerAdviser Flow provides users with specific design changes that can be manually implemented in their RTL code to reduce power.

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