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Webinar: Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Digital Power Designs

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas and Texas Instruments will host a webinar about TI’s C2000 portfolio of fixed point, floating point and multi-core processors. The webcast will focus on advanced motor control techniques, digital light emitting diode (LED) control and renewable power in solar power systems. The web-based training seminar will take place March 15, 2012, at 9:30 am PDT (11:30 am CDT, 12:30 pm EDT). The title of the 60-minute webinar is: Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Digital Power Designs

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Texas Instruments IQmath Library for Microcontrollers

The IQmath Library for microcontrollers, from Texas Instruments (TI), now supports both the 32-bit C2000 and Stellaris MCU platforms. The TI IQmath Library is an optimized collection of high-precision mathematical functions. The library enables programmers to seamlessly port floating-point algorithms into fixed-point code. Developers can use the software to achieve execution speeds considerably faster than equivalent code written in standard ANSI C language. The IQmath Library speeds development and addresses the limitations of fixed-point math by eliminating time-consuming scaling and saturation burdens. IQmath software is free and available for download through StellarisWare software or C2000 controlSUITE software.

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TI F28335 Peripheral Explorer Kit and C2000 MCU Teaching ROM

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced their C2000 MCU Teaching ROM and enhanced floating-point F28335 Delfino microcontroller (MCU) Peripheral Explorer Kit. The free C2000 Teaching ROM is a comprehensive guide to C2000 MCUs. It also provides an introduction to real-time control design considerations. The Teaching ROM and Peripheral Explorer Kit will help engineers to leverage the performance of C2000 MCUs to develop more energy-efficient real-time control applications, such as motor control, digital power, renewable energy, and lighting. The F28335 Peripheral Explorer Kit (TMDSPREXF28335) is priced at $179 US and is available now. The C2000 Teaching ROM can downloaded now.

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