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National Instruments Shares Automated Test Outlook for 2013

National Instruments published their 2013 Automated Test Outlook. The report highlights the latest test and measurement technologies and methodologies. The research examines trends affecting industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer electronics, semiconductor, telecommunications and transportation.

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National Instruments Announces TestStand 2012 for Automating Tests

NI TestStand 2012 ~ automated test management software from National Instruments

National Instruments launched the latest version of TestStand, which is an automated test management software. NI TestStand 2012 helps engineers increase the flexibility and throughput of their automated test systems. The new modular framework makes test setup easier, expands test and reporting flexibility, and makes it possible for engineers to simultaneously test and report during parallel testing.

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National Instruments Shares Automated Test Outlook for 2012

National Instruments revealed their 2012 Automated Test Outlook, which is based on NI’s latest research on test and measurement technologies and methodologies. National Instruments’ 2012 Automated Test Outlook is based on input from academic and industry research, user forums and surveys, business intelligence and customer advisory board reviews. NI’s report provides information about trends affecting industries like consumer electronics, automotive, semiconductor, aerospace and defense, medical devices and communications.

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2010 Automated Test Outlook Report

The Automated Test Outlook, from National Instruments, is a comprehensive view of key technologies and methodologies impacting the test and measurement industry. In the report, NI shares their research into innovations and technologies shaping today’s test and measurement applications. National Instruments structured the Automated Test Outlook report into five categories. In each of the categories, NI highlight a major trend that they believe will significantly influence automated test in the coming one to three years.

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