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ASSET InterTech Publishes IJTAG Tutorial on New Standard for Chip Validation and Characterization

ASSET InterTech IJTAG Tutorial

ASSET InterTech has published an introductory tutorial on IJTAG. The tutorial explains how the new IEEE P1687 Internal JTAG (IJTAG) standard simplifies and automates the way chip designers manage embedded instruments that perform chip validation and characterization. The article describes the on-chip IJTAG architecture and the two languages defined by the standard, Instrument Connectivity Language (ICL) and Procedural Description Language (PDL). ICL defines the connections among embedded on-chip instruments and PDL is an extension of the Tcl (Tool Command Language) for developing validation, test and debug vectors for execution by IJTAG instruments.

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ASSET InterTech Debuts Board Bring-up Solution for Intel Haswell Microarchitecture

ASSET InterTech announced new tools to structurally verify, functionally test, analyze performance margins and debug boards based on the Intel microarchitecture codenamed Haswell. ScanWorks board bring-up will be available in the second quarter of this year. Pricing for a base level ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments starts at $12,000.

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Non-Intrusive Board Bring-Up: Software Tools Ensure Fast Prototype Bring-Up White Paper

ASSET InterTech recently published a white paper titled: Non-Intrusive Board Bring-Up: Software Tools Ensure Fast Prototype Bring-Up. The technical paper explains how non-intrusive software tools can bring up prototype circuit boards faster than legacy hardware-oriented tools like oscilloscopes and logic analyzers. The white paper reviews best practices for board bring-up and describes the benefits of integrating non-intrusive tools based on embedded instruments into an organization’s board bring-up framework.

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ASSET InterTech Remote Instrumentation Controller 4000

ASSET InterTech announced the Remote Instrumentation Controller 4000 (RIC-4000) for the ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments. The RIC-4000 can connect over an Ethernet network and apply boundary scan (JTAG) tests on as many as four circuit boards at once. The ASSET InterTech RIC-4000 will be available next month. Prices for the Remote Instrumentation Controller 4000 start at $8,495.

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ScanWorks Component Action Model-based Test Methodology

ASSET InterTech announced Component Action, which is a new model-based test methodology for the ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments. ScanWorks Component Action extends non-intrusive boundary-scan (JTAG) test coverage to devices that previously could not be tested or programmed with boundary scan. The Component Action models will be available in November as a capability of the ScanWorks platform. Pricing for ScanWorks starts at $5,995.

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ScanWorks High-Speed IO Toolkit for PC Client

ASSET announced the ScanWorks High-Speed IO (HSIO) Toolkit for PC Client, which is a web-based tool for validating and debugging circuit board designs targeting future 22nm based Intel Core processors for the desktop and mobile applications. ScanWorks HSIO Toolkit includes tools that provide detailed information on DDR3, PCI-Express Graphics (PEG), and Direct Media Interface (DMI) buses. The ScanWorks HSIO Toolkit for PC Client is available now. A 90-day license costs $1,995.

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