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eASIC eTools 8.0 Software Suite for 45nm Nextreme-2 Designs

eASIC introduced eTools 8.0 software suite for implementing 45nm Nextreme-2 designs. The eTools 8.0 tool suite delivers a robust ASIC grade design flow with the simplicity, ease of design, and a cost point that is normally associated with FPGA design tools. By focusing on ease-of-use, and low cost of entry, eASIC is now enabling designers to make a seamless transition to adopting Nextreme-2 devices as a lower cost and lower power alternative to FPGAs and a lower NRE alternative to traditional ASICs.

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Open-Silicon, MIPS Technologies, Virage Logic Team on Test Chips

Open-Silicon, MIPS Technologies, and Virage Logic teamed to develop test chips showcasing the companies’ technologies for building high-performance processor-based systems. The companies achieved successful 65 nanometer (nm) silicon testing of a processor test chip at 1.1GHz, making it one of the fastest processors built in a 65nm ASIC. In addition, the companies are now working on a follow-on 40nm device targeting frequencies in excess of 2.5GHz and providing over 5000 DMIPS of performance. Both efforts utilize Open-Silicon’s CoreMAX technology as well as the superscalar MIPS32 74K processor core, a fully synthesizable processor core widely used in high-end digital consumer devices, set top boxes, and networking solutions.

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