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RapidRollout Workbench for Creating Operating Systems for Apps

RapidRollout introduced their Workbench web-based tool. Workbench enables developers to create a customized operating system for their applications. The tool helps developers configure and build a complete platform image in less than an hour. Access to Workbench is free. New accounts receive ten free build credits that can be used to complete small projects or evaluate the RapidRollout system for use in a larger project. The operating system itself is 100% open source and free of charge. There is no lock-in mechanisms.

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eXludus AppProfiler for Application Profiling and Reporting

eXludus Technologies introduced AppProfiler, which is an application profiling and reporting solution that provides detailed analytics on system resources consumed by applications. As applications execute, AppProfiler records granular level information on resources requested and consumed at the job, process and thread level. This data is then recorded to a central database which users can query against. Data extracted from the database can also be helpful to developers, and to cluster/cloud workload management tools. AppProfiler software is available today. The starting price is $19,900.00 for a set of 100 licenses.

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