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ANSYS and Apache Offer Dimensions of Electronic Design Seminars

ANSYS Dimensions of Electronic Design Seminar

ANSYS and Apache Design announced a series of free seminars about simulation software platforms and methodologies that meet integrated circuit (IC) power, performance and price demands for low-power mobile, high-performance computing, consumer and automotive electronics. The events will take place in Boston, Massachusetts; Santa Clara and Los Angeles, California; Austin, Texas.

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ANSYS Introduces RedHawk-3DX 20nm Power Sign-off Solution

RedHawk-3DX GUI showing multiple die with silicon interposer

ANSYS launched RedHawk-3DX, which is a fourth-generation power sign-off solution. RedHawk-3DX is designed to meet the power, performance and price demands of low-power mobile, high-performance computing, consumer and automotive electronics. RedHawk-3DX extends previous generations’ capabilities to address sub-20 nanometer (nm) designs with 3+ gigahertz performance and billions of gates. It is also architected to support the simulation of emerging chip and packaging technologies using multi-die three-dimensional ICs (3D-ICs) for smart electronic products.

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ANSYS RTL Power Model

ANSYS introduced RTL Power Model (RPM). Their technology helps engineers optimize a wide range of power-sensitive applications. It bridges the power gap from register transfer language (RTL) design to physical implementation. RPM accurately predicts integrated circuit (IC) power behavior at the RTL level with consideration for how the design is physically implemented. RTL Power Model enables chip power delivery network (PDN) and IC package design decisions early in the design process.

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