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SynaptiCAD WaveFormer Pro Supports Agilent, Tektronix Test Equipments

SynaptiCAD WaveFormer Pro tool

SynaptiCAD rolled out a new version of their WaveFormer Pro tool. WaveFormer Pro is a tool for analyzing timing diagrams and translating digital and analog waveforms between simulators and test equipment. The latest version of the tool supports importing and exporting digital and analog waveforms to the latest Agilent and Tektronix logic analyzers and mixed-signal oscilloscopes.

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Symtavision TraceAnalyzer v1.2 for Visualizing, Analyzing System Timing

Symtavision rolled out version 1.2 of their TraceAnalyzer tool for visualizing and analyzing system timing in terms of the constituent ECUs, controllers, processors, buses and networks. TraceAnalyzer v1.2 offers a 10x speed improvement over the previous version. It also reduces memory requirements by a factor of ten. The tools shows controller and bus schedules with events, blocking and pre-emptions and details the timing chains. Engineers can see the flow of signals and data through the system including data loss and multiple reads of the same data.

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Sonics Network for AMBA Protocol Features Free Tools, IP

Sonics Network for AMBA Protocol (SNAP) will offer SoC designers, free-of-charge, tools and IP for capturing and analyzing bus designs via its new online SNAP evaluation environment. The new product simplifies the evaluation process of Sonics IP, helps designers with their on-chip network designs, and eliminates the need for complicated licenses inherent in conventional IP evaluations.

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