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3D Solid Modeling and Analysis Webinar

Tanner EDA will host a webinar about 3D solid modeling and analysis. The webcast will demonstrate a 3D solid modeling and analysis capability that may be used for the design of MEMS and integrated MEMS-IC devices, their associated electronics and packaging in commercial MEMS systems. The online seminar will take place Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 from 8:30am to 9:30am Pacific time.

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Cobham Releases Opera 16 Electromagnetic and Multiphysics Software

Opera 16: Electromagnetic & Multiphysics Software for Designers

Cobham Technical Services launched version 16 of their Opera electromagnetics and multiphysics design software. The latest version of Vector Fields Software’s electromagnetic and multiphysics simulation software suite includes many new capabilities and enhancements. The tool helps engineers to accelerate analysis time. By harnessing the parallel processing capabilities of multi-core processors, computational time can be significantly reduced using Opera-3d version 16.

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AWR Debuts Analyst Parallelized 3D FEM EM Simulation and Analysis Software

AWR Analyst parallelized 3D finite element method (FEM) electromagnetic (EM) simulation and analysis software

AWR launched Analyst, which is a parallelized 3D finite element method (FEM) electromagnetic (EM) simulation and analysis software. It is seamlessly and fully integrated within the AWR Design Environment. Analyst lets you move from circuit concept to full 3D EM verification with a single mouse click. With 3D EM and circuit analysis in one integrated workflow, engineers can spend their time designing and optimizing for performance.

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Coverity Launches Development Testing Platform v6.5

Coverity launched version 6.5 of their Development Testing Platform, which is an integrated suite of software testing technologies for identifying and remediating critical quality and security issues during development. The latest version features Coverity Test Advisor for change impact analysis and unit testing on high risk code, including changed code and code impacted by a change, alerting developers of code not covered by unit tests. Coverity Development Testing Platform 6.5 is available now.

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Synopsys Launches LightTools v7.3 Illumination Design and Analysis Software

Synopsys LightTools illumination design and analysis software

Synopsys launched version 7.3 of their LightTools illumination design and analysis software. LightTools 7.3 includes software enhancements to help designers jumpstart, analyze, optimize and manage illumination designs. The tool includes a variety of new illumination design features in areas such as application-specific design, color quality analysis, LED phosphor modeling, and design management and performance. LightTools v7.3 is available now.

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Carbon Design Systems Launches Performance Analysis Kits

Carbon Performance Analysis Kits (CPAK) ~ Carbon Design Systems

Carbon Design Systems is accelerating the analysis, optimization and verification of system-on-chip (SoC) performance with their new Carbon Performance Analysis Kits (CPAK). The CPAK family for ARM Cortex processors includes reference hardware and software designs along with analysis and debug software for the Cortex-A9, Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 cores, and the ARM big.LITTLE subsystem. The CPAK Family for ARM Cortex A-Series Processors will be available in bare metal and Linux configurations in this quarter. Android configurations will be available in the second half of this year.

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Mentor Graphics Introduces Version 9.4 of PADS PCB Design Tools

Mentor Graphics rolled out version 9.4 of their PADS PCB design tools. PADS v9.4 release provides engineers with the critical technologies required for today’s complex PCB designs. The completely integrated and scalable PADS 9.4 flow addresses high-speed, thermal, manufacturing prep, signal and power integrity, and FPGA to PCB optimizations. The PADS 9.4 software includes new associated nets functionality, which reduces design time and helps designers easily define high-speed associated nets, assign constraints, and be assured that they will be routed to those rules.

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Mentor Graphics Releases HyperLynx v8.2 Tool Suite

Mentor Graphics rolled out HyperLynx release 8.2. HyperLynx is a suite of analysis tools for optimizing printed circuit board (PCB) designs. New features include 3D full-wave field solving, and integrated thermal/power co-simulation analysis capabilities. Specialized 3D modeling is required for analysis of multi-GHz SERDES channel interconnects (such as PCIe-Gen 3). The Mentor HyperLynx v8.2 tool suite will ship in volume next month.

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HSPICE 2011.09 Speed-up Signal Integrity Simulation by Factor of Three

HSPICE 2011.09 has been integrated with Sigrity’s signal integrity analysis solution to accelerate signal integrity simulation of high-speed systems. The combined Synopsys and Sigrity tool features up to 3X faster simulation of signal and power integrity analysis of multi-gigahertz designs. In addition, HSPICE 2011.09 circuit simulator offers enhanced multi-core simulation performance, improved accuracy in statistical eye-diagram analysis, and new multi-core enabled S-parameter and W-element analysis.

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Mentor Graphics Offers JESD51-14 Compliant Thermal Characterization Solution

Mentor Graphics introduced an integrated solution for thermal characterization and simulation. The integrated solution features their T3Ster hardware test products with their FloTHERM software. The Mentor Graphics integrated T3Ster and FloTHERM solution helps accurate thermal simulation models. The thermal characterization solution is the only JESD51-14 compliant solution available on the market today. The integrated solution for efficient thermal package characterization is available now.

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