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ams Creates Fuel Gauge Reference Design for Electric Scooters

ams reference design for battery fuel-gauging in electric scooters

ams has developed a reference design that shows how a simple current and voltage measurement circuit can produce state of charge (SOC) readings for electric scooter batteries. The reference design features ams’ AS8510, which is a two-channel battery sensor interface. The reference design is available free to ams customers.

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HiPer Simulation A/MS Features Tools from Tanner EDA, Aldec

Tanner EDA and Aldec teamed together on HiPer Simulation A/MS, which is an integrated co-simulation solution for analog and mixed-signal (A/MS) design. HiPer Simulation A/MS includes Tanner EDA’s T-Spice analog design capture and simulation tool, and Aldec’s Riviera-PRO mixed language digital simulator. The integrated solution helps both analog and digital designers to seamlessly resolve A/MS verification problems from one cohesive, integrated platform. HiPer Simulation A/MS is available on both Windows and Linux.

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Magma Design Automation Silicon One Initiative

Magma Design Automation announced their Silicon One initiative. Silicon One features differentiated solutions and technologies for improving time to market, product differentiation, cost, power and performance. The goal of the initiative is to make silicon profitable for chip makers. The Silicon One initiative currently focuses on five types of devices: ASIC/ASSP, Analog/Mixed-Signal, Memory, Processing Cores, and System-on-Chip.

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StarVision PRO Integrated Debugging Tool for AMS and Digital Design

Concept Engineering introduced StarVision PRO, which is an integrated debugging cockpit for A/MS and digital design. StarVision PRO makes analysis and debugging of complex SoC and IC designs easy and more transparent. StarVision PRO provides engineers with the ability to quickly and easily understand and debug mixed-mode designs and to integrate IP building blocks into complex SoCs and ICs.

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VHDL-AMS Modeling Techniques Workshop

Dolphin Integration is offering a VHDL-AMS modeling training workshop in April. The VHDL-AMS Modeling training event will present the language constructs of either Verilog-AMS or VHDL-AMS. It covers techniques for creating and validating behavioral models. Designers will learn how to perform bottom-up modeling through structural assembly of behavioral models for multi-level simulations. The seminar is ideal for designers involved in mixed-signal electrical designs and/or analog behavioral modeling and simulation.

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Tanner EDA and SDT Process Design Kits for Thin Film Technologies

Tanner EDA and Sound Design Technologies (SDT) have teamed together to develop process design kits (PDKs) for analog/mixed-signal (A/MS) designers using Tanner EDA’s HiPer Silicon software. Sound Design Technologies’ PDKs for Tanner Tools will be available this quarter.

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