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New and Improved: Altia Design 9.2, PhotoProto 2.0 and FlowProto 1.5

Altia rolled out Altia Design 9.2 DeepScreen 6.0, PhotoProto 2.0 and FlowProto 1.5 HMI engineering tools for embedded systems. The tools enable engineers to build user interface models. Altia Design 9.2 DeepScreen 6.0 now supports targets like OpenGL ES 2.x, OpenVG and Linux Framebuffer. FlowProto 1.5 pulls logic and structure out of Microsoft Visio and converts it to XML. PhotoProto 2.0 now features enhanced exporting options, integration capabilities with other tools and improved animation capabilities.

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Altia Design 9.0 User Interface Design Tool

Altia Design 9.0 user interface design tool offers a way to deliver better HMIs without hand-coding or pulling in other tools. The latest Altia offering balances enhanced productivity with increased capability. Altia Design 9.0′s new features will offer development teams the capability to create stunning user interfaces. Altia Design helps development teams create, test and validate HMIs to get user interface intensive products to market on time and under budget.

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