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Cadence Design Systems Introduces 28nm Data Convertor IP

Cadence 28nm Data Convertor IP family

Cadence Design Systems announced a suite of ultra-fast, low-power analog intellectual property (IP) products. The new data converter family includes 7-bit 3GSPS dual ADC and DAC, 11-bit 1.5GSPS dual ADC, and 12-bit 2GSPS dual DAC. The converters are ideal for designers working with emerging high-speed protocols such as WiGig (802.11ad), which runs on a 60 GHz spectrum with potential data throughput up to 7Gbps, as well as LTE and LTE Advanced. The Cadence 28nm Data Convertor IP family is available now.

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Avnet – Texas Instruments Data Converter SpeedWay Design Workshop

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas is offering a series of data converters seminars. The Data Converter SpeedWay Design Workshop will provide engineers with a methodology to navigate the entire data converter ecosystem and realize their full performance. Special attention is paid to understanding the factors needed to consider when selecting an appropriate converter for an application. The seminars will be taught by technical specialists from Avnet and Texas Instruments (TI). The events will place in five cities within the next 30 days.

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Wireless Communication of Sensor Data in Industrial Applications Webinar

Analog Devices is offering a webcast titled, Wireless Communication of Sensor Data in Industrial Applications. The webinar will discuss the challenges facing the operation of robust wireless communications links in noisy industrial environments. Other topics include low-power operation and the importance of ADC performance when deploying wireless sensors for rugged and dependable process measurements. The online seminar will take place July 20, 2011, at 12:00 pm EDT.

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