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PragmaDev Expects UML Modeling Usage to Decrease Again

PragmaDev UML modeling survey

PragmaDev released the results of their recent UML survey. According to their research, UML modeling technology usage is expected to decrease for the third year in a row. However, the effective usage of UML has been slightly growing from 65% in 2011, to 70% in 2012, up to 71% this year. These two trends mostly indicate UML has reached peaked and is about to start its decline.

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Atego Rolls Out Artisan Studio v7.4 Model-driven Development Tool

Artisan Studiov 7.4 model-driven development tool

Atego introduced version 7.4 of Artisan Studio model-driven development tool. Artisan Studio 7.4 features systems simulation and enhanced functionality for mission- and safety-critical systems and software development. Its simulation significantly improves communication between systems engineering and all stakeholders for verifying system designs.

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SinelaboreRT Tool for Generating Code from UML

SinelaboreRT is a tool for real-time embedded systems developers. SinelaboreRT generates readable and maintainable code from UML modeling tools. The generated code does not require a runtime library and can be easily used in different system designs (RTOS, foreground-background) or even in an IRQ handler. With SinelaboreRT, engineers can convert state-machine models into a target language (C++, Java and C#). Designers can influence the generation process according to thier needs. The built in state-chart editor supports model state diagrams without using a UML tool.

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QP Modeler Graphical UML Modeling Tool

QM (QP Modeler), from Quantum Leaps, is a free, graphical UML modeling tool for designing and implementing real-time embedded applications based on the QP state machine frameworks. QM provides graphical UML state machine diagram editor and generates production-quality, portable, and human-readable C or C++ code that is 100% traceable from the design. QM is designed to support fast development cycle and works with version control systems (VCS). The QM model itself is stored in XML, and is easy to maintain in a VCS.

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Artisan Studio 7.2 Model Driven Development Tool Suite

Atego introduced the Artisan Studio 7.2 model-driven development tool suite. Artisan Studio has been re-architected to provide role-based Editions which have been specifically designed to make the working environment more relevant and efficient for the specialist needs of Enterprise Architects, Systems Engineers and Software Engineers. Artisan Studio 7.2 features new modeling capabilities and functions.

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Excel Software WinA&D 6.1

Excel Software rolled out WinA&D 6.1 tool to model systems, design software and generate code for SQL, C++, C#, Ada, Java, PHP, REALbasic and other programming languages. It includes integrated requirements management, scriptable report generation, diagram generation from code and distributed team development. WinA&D 6.1 features UML 2.2 support, data flow diagrams, scriptable reports, class models, and code generation. Developers can model a REALbasic project with a UML class diagram, then generate or view source code with one click. The Standard edition is $495, Desktop edition $1195 and Developer edition $1995.

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Atollic TrueSTUDIO/STM32 Development Tool with ST-LINK Debug Probe

STMicroelectronics introduced a low-cost development environment for the STM32 microcontroller families built using the ARM Cortex-M3 processor core, which is optimized for embedded applications. The environment combines the Atollic TrueSTUDIO/STM32 development tool and ST’s ST-LINK debug probe to connect to the target via USB. The ST-LINK debug probe is available for $21. Atollic TrueSTUDIO/STM32 can be downloaded at a price of euro 995 for TrueSTUDIO/STM32 Pro. TrueSTUDIO/STM32 Lite is available for free.

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Artisan Software Tools Acquires Extessy

Artisan Software Tools has acquired Extessy, which is a supplier of development tools and services for system requirements, co-simulation, integration, and test. Extessy’s tools and services complement Artisan’s existing model-based solutions for mission, safety, and life-critical complex systems development. They add important capabilities in terms of system requirements interchange and management, co-simulation and test automation.

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Artisan Studio Reviewer for Automating UML, SysML, UPDM Model Checking

Artisan Studio Reviewer is a design reviewer that automates the task of checking UML, SysML, and UPDM models for completeness, correctness, and consistency. Artisan Studio Reviewer quickly performs hundreds of automated checks that would otherwise be undertaken manually. Artisan Studio Reviewer enables designers to quickly assess the quality and readiness of the work and frees the peer review team to focus on the correctness of the functionality. Executed against the entire model, it allows early identification of trouble areas, avoiding time consuming generation of defective documentation or code. Artisan Studio Reviewer enhances the management and operation of complex mission and safety-critical development projects, cutting design time by up to 30% and improving design quality.

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Artisan Studio Version 7.1 UML Model Driven Development Tool Suite

Artisan Software Tools introduced Artisan Studio Version 7.1 model-driven development tool suite. Artisan Studio v7.1 features comprehensive support for the new OMG Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM 1.0) standard, improved model diagram presentation through glossUML, all new documentation generation through Artisan Publisher, increased extra-large model support, and enhanced UML Activity modeling. Artisan Studio Version 7.1 also include more capabilities for XMI support, Automated Code Synchronizer, and State Machine simulation. The new version of the UML tool supports Microsoft Windows 7.

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