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Mercury Computer OpenVPX Reference Design Kits

Mercury Computer Systems introduced their OpenVPX Reference Design Kits. The OpenVPX Reference Design Kits provide an engineering blueprint for developing OpenVPX-compliant 6U and 3U payload and switch modules. The OpenVPX V1.0 System Specification is the first system VPX specification dedicated to interoperability of multi-vendor system and sub-system building blocks. The kits leverage industry-standard CAD tools for both electrical and mechanical models, which can be imported directly into your development environment.

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XMOS USB Audio 2.0 Reference Design

XMOS introduced a reference design for USB Audio 2.0. The solution enables standard computer-based systems to deliver bit-perfect prosumer quality sound. The reference design works with the Mac OS-X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Audio 2.0 native class driver, and XMOS has teamed with Thesycon to provide Audio 2.0 Class driver support for Windows. The XMOS USB Audio 2.0 reference design kit is available now and priced at $149 USD.

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Freescale MCF51EM Polyphase Meter Reference Design

Freescale announced a turnkey metering reference design built upon an advanced microcontroller (MCU) customized for the electrical metering market. The polyphase reference design, based on Freescale’s advanced MCF51EM256 ColdFire MCU, is a cost-optimized implementation of a single-phase or three-phase smart electrical meter. The reference design contains necessary hardware and software to make development of smart meters quick and easy. The Freescale polyphase reference design is available now for loan and evaluation.

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Mixed Signal/Radio Frequency Reference Design Kit

Cadence Design Systems and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) introduced the Mixed Signal/Radio Frequency Reference Design Kit (MS/RF RDK). The RDK accelerate analog, mixed-signal, and RF designs and RF SoC verification and integration. The MS/RF RDK Initially targets 65nm process and was developed with Cadence Virtuoso mixed-signal technology. The TSMC 65nm MS/RF RDK is available now in limited release. General release to other customers will be in Q3 2009.

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Quickfilter QF Audio Dragon Docking Station Reference Design

The Quickfilter QF Audio Dragon docking station reference design contains all the required electronics to implement a high quality, low-cost docking station. The reference design includes equalization filters, microcontroller firmware, schematics, BOM, and layout files. Docking station manufacturers can customize the reference design by adding speakers, custom designed equalization filters (using QFPro1Da software), and plastic enclosures. The QF-Audio Dragon reference design is built around the Quickfilter QF1Da512 SavFIRe audio applications-specific single-chip FIR filter solution with integrated gain and compression.

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Reference Design for Video Surveillance Applications

Conexant Systems and Maxim Integrated Products jointly developed a reference design for PC-based video surveillance products with digital video recording (DVR) capabilities. The new reference design is based on Conexant’s CX25853 multi-port video decoders and CX258521 media bridge. It also includes Maxim’s MG3500 H.264 video compression solution, which increases recording capacity on DVRs and supports multiple channels of low-latency, full D1 video. The reference design supports up to 16 channels of real-time capture and compression. The reference design uses Lattice Semiconductor’s ECP2 FPGAs to perform key video format conversions.

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Ambarella A5 Hybrid Camera Platform

Ambarella, Inc. introduced the A5 system-on-a-chip (SoC) platform for hybrid cameras. The A5 platform features 10 mega-pixel (MP) still images, full high-definition (HD) recording, and simultaneous dual-resolution recording for fast internet sharing. The A5 SoC platform enables consumers to take high-quality photos and video in affordably priced pocket-sized cameras. Consumer hybrid cameras based on the A5 platform is expected to be priced under $199. The A5 platform is available now in sampling quantities. Manufacturers can choose multiple configurations to accommodate their specific requirements. Evaluation kits are also available now.
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eDVR91 MPEG-4 Camera Reference Design

OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: OVTI) eASIC Corporation recently introduced the eDVR91 MPEG-4 camera reference design. The eDVR91 is ideal for a broad range of applications including camcorders, security and surveillance cameras, and automotive vision systems. The eDVR91 comes complete with schematics, firmware and software, and is currently available from eASIC for $299.

The eDVR91 is a camera reference design based on OmniVision’s OV7725 CameraChip(TM) sensor and eASIC’s eDV9100 MPEG-4 CODEC. It enables the capture, compression and storage of digital video and audio on a Secure Digital (SD) storage card. The eDVR91 can store eight hours of compressed video and audio on a single 2G SD memory card.

The OV7725 is a 1/4-inch sensor that provides the full functionality of a VGA camera and image processor on a single chip, enabling easy and cost efficient integration. Built with a 6 x 6 micron pixel, the OV7725 delivers ultra-high light sensitivity (3.8 V/Lux-sec), making it the ideal solution for a wide range of applications that need to operate well in low light conditions. The OV7725 can operate at 60 frames per second (fps) in VGA mode, or 120 fps in QVGA.

More info: OmniVision | eASIC

MSC VisuRDK Reference Design Kit

The MSC VisuRDK reference design kit offers a H8SX-based single-chip solution with a resolution up to WVGA (800×480), 32 bit computing power, larger on-chip memories of 1MB FLASH, and additional interfaces like USB and Ethernet. The MSC VisuRDK kits is an ideal solution for the direct control of TFT displays using a general purpose microcontroller. The kit also contains a complete microcontroller developer environment including IDE, complier (test license) as well as an E10A-JTAG emulator.

MSC VisuRDK reference design kit

With the intelligent hard and software combination, a TFT display can be controlled directly and without an additional graphics controller. The system costs can be significantly reduced by omitting the graphics controllers used so far in such applications. This microcontroller-based approach of the VisuRDK kits offer an interesting alternative for applications where the embedded PC solution or the use of an expensive graphics subsystem would be much too powerful and expensive.

The kit is a fast and easy introduction to graphic programming for developers. Graphic interfaces can be quickly created and tested with the help of graphics libraries and program examples. Within the shortest time, develoeprs can adapt the examples to their requirements. The software drivers are provided in the source code and the touch panel support is also integrated. Besides the provided QVGA TFT with touch, the kit also offers support for TFT displays from different manufacturers.

More info: MSC Vertriebs GmbH