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EVE Introduces e-zTest 10GbE Validation Platform for ZeBu

EVE introduced e-zTest 10GbE, which is a 10-Gigabit Ethernet validation platform for their ZeBu (Zero Bugs) family of system-on-chip (SoC) hardware-assisted verification platforms. The e-zTest 10GbE software is a transaction-based environment for high-speed validation of 10GbE functions in network routers, switches and controllers, and SoC application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) containing 10GbE ports.

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White Paper: Using Power over Ethernet to Reduce Network Energy Consumption

Microsemi recently published a white paper: Using Power over Ethernet to Reduce Network Energy Consumption. As you can tell from the title of the technical paper, the article is about how companies can reduce costs by using energy-efficient Power over Ethernet (PoE) midspan technology. These systems implement four-pair powering and built-in power-management capabilities while minimizing idle power consumption through the use of smaller internal power supplies.

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Innovasic Semiconductor RapID Platform for EtherNet/IP Connectivity

Innovasic Semiconductor’s RapID Platform is a EtherNet/IP connectivity solution. Engineers can download the entire platform for a risk-free, no cost evaluation. A one-time license fee applies only if the platform is used in production. Evaluation of the RapID Platform download can be performed on hardware via the Internet or at the user’s site.

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Innovasic RapID Platform Connectivity Solution for Embedded Systems

Innovasic Semiconductor introduced the RapID (Rapid Interface Development) Platform connectivity solution for embedded systems. The RapID Platform solution includes schematics, bill of materials, design tools, software, stacks, and example code. With the RapID Platform, engineers can quickly and easily add Profinet connectivity to automation products. The Profinet RT version of the RapID Platform is now available. Designers can download the platform for a free evaluation. A one-time license fee applies only if the platform is used in production.

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Remote Network Driver Interface Standard Driver for RTXCusb USB Suite

Quadros Systems introduced a Remote NDIS (Network Driver Interface Standard) driver for the RTXCusb USB software solution. RNDIS gives embedded systems developers an easy way to connect a Windows based laptop or PC to an embedded system. RNDIS for the RTXCusb suite is available immediately in source code as an add-on to the RTXCusb device software. The price for the RNDIS driver license starts at $2900.

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AnVoip and AnVoice VoIP Voice Engines for Google Android

Adaptive Digital Technologies introduced the AnVoip and AnVoice VoIP voice engine software for Google Android software stack for mobile devices. The fielded algorithms are provided as off-the-shelf algorithm sets, integration-ready for quick inclusion into an Android application. The VoIP voice engine components, anVoip, and anVoice are packaged to supply either basic or enhanced voice capability to the Android-powered device. Algorithms may be added a-la-carte per a customer’s requirements. Custom application development by Adaptive Digital is also available.

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Xelerated Software Development Kit 5.0

Xelerated rolls out Software Development Kit (SDK) 5.0 for the HX Carrier Ethernet network processors (NPUs) and AX Programmable Ethernet Switches. SDK 5.0 enables vendors to optimize network design for the new generation of Carrier Ethernet platforms and devices. The software development kit supports all device types of the two families and enables system vendors to seamlessly develop and customize data plane software for their unified fiber access and next generation Metro Ethernet platforms. The SDK 5.0 instruction set and programming model are compatible with previous NPU generations.

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Sunrise Telecom GigE Module for Modular Test Toolkit

Sunrise Telecom announced the GigE Module for the Modular Test Toolkit (MTT) Platform. The handheld, dual-port, dual-media module helps technicians of all levels validate service level agreements, verify traffic prioritization and decrease mean time to repair by quickly isolating problems. The GigE Module is part of the MTT modular handheld platform and is available immediately from Sunrise Telecom.

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TeamF1 SMBware Supports Cavium Networks ECONA CNS3XXX Processors

TeamF1′s SMBware family of customizable software solutions (including the Secure Gateway Solution (SGS) and Managed Access Point Solution (MAPS)) will be supported on the ECONA CNS3XXX family of energy efficient processors for Digital Home applications from Cavium Networks. The Secure Gateway Solution is ideal for deployment in SMB-class VPN Firewall Routers. It can also be deployed in next generation residential grade applications. The Managed Access Point Solution is a comprehensive turnkey software package that combines the latest 802.11 wireless standards with advanced management and field-proven networking and security components. The ECONA processors offer single and dual ARM11 CPU cores, integrated hardware accelerators, and a range of I/Os for glueless voice, video and data connectivity.

More info: TeamF1 | Cavium Networks ECONA ARM Core Processors

QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite 1.2

QNX Software Systems released version 1.2 of the Aviage Multimedia Suite for in-car infotainment systems and other multimedia devices. It offers enhanced support for Internet streaming, album art, Microsoft Zune players, DVD-V, and video playback. Aviage also offers faster performance and lower memory use for resource-constrained embedded designs. The QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite 1.2 is available now.

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