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Sourcery G++ IDE Spring Release

CodeSourcery announced the spring release of Sourcery G++ development environment based on the GNU Toolchain and the Eclipse IDE. The latest release of Sourcery G++ improves embedded application performance with compiler optimizations and new versions of key runtime library routines. The new version also increases developer productivity with new debugging capabilities and time-saving features in the IDE.

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AdaCore GNAT Pro for Atmel AVR Microcontroller

AdaCore introduced the GNAT Pro Ada development environment for the Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontroller. GNAT Pro for AVR includes a Zero Footprint run-time library that is particularly well adapted to meet the small memory constraints of the AVR microcontroller. GNAT Pro is a full-featured, multi-language development environment. GNAT Pro includes libraries, bindings, and a range of supplementary tools (such as automatic documentation generator, code metric tool, code standard checker, and a unit testing framework). GNAT Pro is distributed with complete source code. GNAT Pro for AVR is available now.

More info: AdaCore

IS2T MicroEJ-EDU Java Evaluation Kit

The MicroEJ-EDU, from IS2T, is a Java evaluation kit for optimizeing embedded systems. The Java platform kit can gelp reduce software development costs by a factor of five. MicroEJ-EDU is ideal for industrial control, machine-to-machine, medical, e-metering, home automation and consumer market segments. It features a virtual electronic board with typical interfaces used by embedded systems: graphic and character displays, LEDs, key-pads, analog sensors, actuators and serial communication interfaces. Applications developed with MicroEJ-EDU are fully binary portable to MicroEJ Java Platform Kits targeting real hardware. MicroEJ-EDU is available now for free.

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SPARK Pro Development Environment

SPARK Pro is an open source development environment created by Praxis and AdaCore. SPARK Pro combines the SPARK language and toolset with the AdaCore GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE). SPARK, which was developed by Praxis, is a language designed to support the development of software used in applications where correct operation is vital either for reasons of safety or security. The new development environment is available now from AdaCore. Existing SPARK users have the option to transition to the new environment, which is also available as a standalone product.

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GNAT Pro 6.2 Ada Development Environment

AdaCore introduced GNAT Pro 6.2 Ada development environment. The latest release is now available on 18 native and 28 cross platforms. It offers over 130 new features, including increased support for code coverage and source-to-object traceability, which are important for safety-critical and high-reliability application development. GNAT Pro 6.2 is available immediately on most supported platforms.

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RbApp 2.2 for REALbasic Programmers

RbApp 2.2, from Excel Software, enables REALbasic programmers to reduce development time and effort with reusable RbApp components applicable to most applications. All components are built with pure REALbasic code that has been compiled and tested on Windows XP and Vista or Mac OS X on PPC and Intel computers. RbApp 2.2 supports REALbasic 2005 through the latest 2008 release from Real Software. The RbApp 2.2 Single User License is $295.

Excel Software RbApp 2.2 for REALbasicRbApp is ideal for applications that require graphics, page layout, data entry and manipulation grids, text editing, undo/redo commands, tool bars and palettes, string lists, XML storage, cross-platform file management, charts or graphs. Interface classes are included to quickly apply QuickHelp and QuickLicense from Excel Software to any REALbasic application.

RbApp includes sample applications, source code examples, a printed and PDF Developer Guide and royalty-free distribution of RbApp code compiled into applications. Visit the company web site for product information, a free trial edition or secure online ordering.

RbApp 2.2 has new properties, methods and events within many components. The new RbCalendar function presents a customized calendar. There are several new file management and string manipulation methods.

RbApp Components

  • RbGrid
    Flexible, scaleable grid with powerful programming control
  • RbChart
    Dynamic charts, graphs and tables with minimal programming
  • RbEdit
    Text editing of large files with undo/redo, find/replace and print
  • RbView
    Powerful page layout built on the REALbasic graphic routines
  • RbCommand
    Undo/redo menu and mouse commands
  • RbPalette
    Tool bars and palettes for any platform
  • RbStringList
    String list management to simplify and optimize code
  • RbXML
    Fast XML read and write of data with minimal programming
  • RbHelp
    QuickHelp integration for interactive application help
  • RbQuickLicense
    QuickLicense support for license management and protection
  • RbCalendar
    This function presents a calendar dialog and returns a selected date
  • RbLibrary
    Text editing and file management routines

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CodeSleuth Open Source Eclipse Plug-In for Java

AMD (NYSE: AMD) recently announced the CodeSleuth plug-in. CodeSleuth provides the Eclipse community with increased performance management and monitoring of Java software code. The plug-in delivers the functionality of AMD’s CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer, which is a suite of tools that analyze software performance on AMD processors, including Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) processors. To help ensure that the plug-in is readily available to the Java technology community and evolves with the community’s needs, AMD is making CodeSleuth open source and available as a no-charge download within the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

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NightStar LX Tools for Ubuntu Linux

Concurrent (NASDAQ:CCUR) recently release of a new version of its NightStar(tm) LX debugging and analysis tools for Ubuntu Linux editions. NightStar is a powerful, integrated GUI tool set for developing and tuning time-critical applications on x86-based platforms. NightStar’s advanced debugging features enable system builders to solve difficult problems quickly. NightStar LX tools packages range from to $495 to $995. NightStar for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux is available for immediate trial download and purchase. NightStar is supported on both 32-bit and 64-bit x86 platforms.

Concurrent NightStar LX Tools for Ubuntu Linux

The NightStar LX suite includes four tools: the NightView(tm) source-level debugger, the NightTrace(tm) event analyzer, the NightProbe(tm) data monitor, and the NightTune(tm) system and application tuner. With this new release, NightStar LX now supports platforms running Ubuntu desktop and server editions in addition to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux and Novell® SUSE® Linux versions. Ubuntu is a desktop-oriented distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux. Ubuntu offers an up-to-date yet stable operating system, and features a strong focus on user-friendliness, regular releases and ease of installation.

NightStar LX Features

  • Deterministic debugging, monitoring, tracing and tuning
  • Ideal for time-critical applications
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Support for any mix of GNU and Intel C/C++ and Fortran tasks
  • Self-hosted or remote target system operation
  • Comprehensive on-line help facilities

NightStar tools run with minimal intrusion, thus preserving application execution behavior and determinism. Users can quickly and easily debug, monitor, analyze and tune multi-threaded and parallel C, C++ or Fortran applications in real-time. An interactive memory debugger helps find and eliminate memory problems during the debug process without code recompilation.

The NightView debugger offers many features not available in the gnu debugger. Users can debug multiple processes from a single session and processes started from scripts. While a process is executing, hot patching can modify variables or add eventpoints. Monitor points can dynamically display expressions and variables.

NightStar is especially valuable in cases where the act of debugging may change an application’s behavior. NightStar gives true visibility into a running application providing a synchronized, time-based view of events, states, data values and resource usage. The NightTrace analyzer allows users to display application behavior and performance, and understand how threads interact with each other.

NightStar LX features a Qt-based GUI with modern rendering, shading and option control that makes it flexible and easy to use on multi-core environments. NightStar LX allows individual tool panels to be moved and resized so users can conveniently customize their debugging displays.

More info: Concurrent NightStar LX

Trolltech Qt Available Under GNU GPL v3

Trolltech ASA recently announced it is licensing its Qt cross-platform development framework under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL v3). Qt is already available under the GPL v2 and will continue to be so in addition to the GPL v3. The GPL v3 license will make it easy and safe for free software developers to use Trolltech’s Qt with the most recent license framework from the Free Software Foundation. Trolltech hopes that its move will inspire free software projects to use GPL v3 when programming with Qt. Qt is a high-performance, cross-platform application development framework. It includes a C++ class library and tools for cross-platform development and internationalization.

More info: Trolltech | Free Software Foundation