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Week in Review – 2006.06.16

The winners for this week’s highlights are:

Optical CPU Claims Terabit/sec
As CPU performance continues its rapid climb, engineers everywhere face a similar challenge: How to speed signals from ever-faster central-processing units to peripheral large-scale integration chips. Fully expecting electrical transmission to max out eventually, Toshiba has responded with optoelectronics that can zip signals at a trillion bits a second. Other companies have reported similar speed breakthroughs. In technical papers, claims have included data rates of 640 Gbits/second (10 Gbits/s/channel) and 800 Gbits/s (12.5 Gbits/s/channel). Continue reading

SD Times Selects Catalyst Systems for Award

Congratulations to Catalyst Systems for Winning the SD Times 100 Award for excellence and leadership in the Build Management category. The award recognizes leaders and innovators of the software development industry for 2005 in 10 separate industry segments. This was the first year that SD Times recognized build management as a distinct category.

Catalyst Systems is the leading provider of build configuration management workflow technology. Catalyst Systems has specialized in the design and implementation of reliable and repeatable application build processes for Global 2000 organizations since 1995. Openmake, Catalyst Systems’ flagship product, enables development teams to get back to the task of writing high-value business applications by minimizing the task of writing low-value build scripts through Openmake 100%.

Highlights of the Week – 2006.06.09

Here are some interesting articles I found this week:

A glimpse inside the Cell processor
IBM, Toshiba, and Sony created Cell, an amazing new multiprocessor microprocessor chip that will debut later this year in Sony’s PlayStation 3 video game console, Toshiba’s high-end televisions, and IBM’s blade servers. Cell is the beginning of a new family tree for all three companies, and it promises to branch into consumer, computer, and embedded systems for many years to come. The article explains how the hardware works and what makes it special. Continue reading

Stevie Award Goes to Telelogic for Product Development Organization

Congratulations to Telelogic for winning an International Stevie Award for Best Product Development Organization in the third International Business Awards. The awards are nicknamed “the Stevies” for the Greek word “crowned.” Recipients of the International Stevie Awards were selected from more than 700 nominations received from companies and individuals in more than 30 countries. Continue reading

Highlights of the Week – 2006.06.02

There were quite a few interesting articles this past week. Take a look for yourself.

Researchers Lay Out Blueprint for “Real” Invisibility
Wow, this sounds so cool. The article compares the technology to Harry Potter. I’m thinking Star Trek. According to the article, three physicists have developed the blueprint for an “invisibility cloak,” or fabric, to make physical objects appear as though they have disappeared when they are covered. The key to making the cloak work comes from an exotic artificial composite called metamaterials. In theory, electromagnetic waves would flow around the object covered by the metamaterials. The material would act as though a hole opened in space, and light or other electromagnetic waves were swept around the physical object to emerge on the other side as if materials had passed through empty space. Continue reading

PortalPlayer Wins Innovation Award

Congratulations to PortalPlayer for winning the Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award. They received this award for the development and successful launch of the PrefaceTM platform.

Preface is a new technology platform that enables the development of a second user interface on notebook computers called a personal media display (PMD). The PMD works with the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system to provide Always On access to information and media stored in the notebook. Continue reading

Welcome to EDA Blog

This is my first post on EDA Blog. Several times a week, I plan on posting content about tools, software, hardware, and components used in the EDA industry. Some of you are probably wondering what’s the difference between EDA Blog, Embedded Star, and EDA Geek?

Embedded Star was the first site I created and the biggest. It got so big (around 30,000 pages) that I decided to post all new press releases on a new site, EDA Geek. Embedded Star will remain a directory of companies, papers, and downloads. In addition, Embedded Star will also publish contributed articles and eventually, original content (I just cloned myself, but I have to wait for mini-me to grow up in order to help me write original content). Continue reading