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Symtavision Introduces Version 3.4 of SymTA/S and TraceAnalyzer

Symtavision SymTA/S and TraceAnalyzer v3.4

Symtavision released version 3.4 of SymTA/S and TraceAnalyzer. SymTA/S v3.4 includes a comprehensive, new timing design and analysis capability for LIN (Local Interconnect Network), which is a low-cost, distributed networking protocol used mainly in automotive and industrial applications. TraceAnalyzer is a tool for visualizing and analyzing timing data from both measurements and simulations. The tool seamlessly integrates with SymTA/S.

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Avnet Announces Lens Adapter, Updated Pipelined Vision Processor for Finboard

Lens Adapter for Analog Devices Blackfin BF609 Embedded Vision Starter Kit

Avnet Electronics Marketing announced additions to the Analog Devices Blackfin BF609 Embedded Vision Starter Kit (Finboard). The development kit for the Analog Devices dual-core Blackfin BF609 processor offers an updated pipelined vision processor (PVP) programmer and a new lens adapter. The starter kit is priced at $299, with an introductory price of $199 for the first 500 kits sold.

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Multicore Association Forms Software-Hardware Interface for Multi-Many Core Working Group

Software-Hardware Interface for Multi-Many Core (SHIM)

The Multicore Association is forming a new working group called the Software-Hardware Interface for Multi-Many Core (SHIM). The new working group will provide a common interface to abstract the hardware properties that matter to multicore tools. The goal of SHIM is to speed the development of complex multicore and manycore applications.

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Cadence Design Systems Introduces SpeedBridge Adapter for PCIe 3.0

Cadence Design Systems introduced a new SpeedBridge Adapter for PCIe 3.0. The adapter provides easy bring-up and fast debug of PCIe-based designs when used with a Cadence Palladium Verification Computing Platform, and is backwards compatible with PCIe 2.0-, 1.1- and 1.0a-based designs. The Cadence SpeedBridge Adapter for PCIe 3.0 is available now.

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Witech Embedded Introduces OK210-A ARM Cortext-A8 Development Kit

Witech Embedded OK210-A ARM Cortext-A8 development kit

Witech Embedded announced the OK210-A ARM Cortext-A8 development kit. The OK210-A is based on Samsung S5PV210 microcontroller. The OK210-A ARM Cortext A8 development kit is bundled with a 7″ capacitive touch screen. Board support packages and sample programs are provided with source code, binaries, and documentations for Windows CE 6.0 R3, Linux-2.6.35 Linux-3.0.8, Android 2.3 and Android 4.0. The Witech OK210-A ARM Cortext-A8 development kit targets multi-media terminal, consumer electronic devices and in-vehicle infotainment systems. It is available now for $199.

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Verisurf X7 Features Enhanced Output Options, SPC Analysis and AS9102 Reporting

Verisurf X7 software

Verisurf launched the latest version of their Verisurf X software. Verisurf X7 features Model-Based GD&T Inspection technology at its core. The all-new computer-aided inspection, reverse engineering and assembly guidance software now supports more options for reporting and presenting data, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Adobe 3D PDF Viewer.

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Cadence Design Systems Debuts Virtuoso Layout Suite for Electrically Aware Design

Cadence Design Systems Virtuoso Layout Suite for Electrically Aware Design (EAD)

Cadence Design Systems announced their Virtuoso Layout Suite for Electrically Aware Design (EAD). The tool for automating custom design enables layout designers and circuit designers to work together more efficiently and effectively through greater real-time visibility into electrical issues. Cadence Virtuoso Layout Suite EAD helps engineers to reduce circuit design cycle by up to 30% while optimizing chip size and performance.

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Altia Launches Design 11 User Interface Development Editor

Altia Design 11 user interface development editor

Altia launched version 11 of their user interface development editor. Altia Design 11 includes new features and enhancements to simplify and accelerate graphical user interface development. The new version of the software tool helps designers become more productive and more successful when developing Altia GUIs. Altia Design 11 is available now.

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Cadence Introduced PCIe 3.0 Controller and PHY Solution

Cadence Design Systems recently introduced their PCIe Controller and PHY solution. The new design IP is ideal for low-power PCI Express (PCIe) development. The PCIe 3.0 controllers and PHY will help designers reduce leakage power consumed by the PCIe interface from milliWatts to microWatts. The solution is ideal for datacenter and enterprise applications.

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SynaptiCAD WaveFormer Pro Supports Agilent, Tektronix Test Equipments

SynaptiCAD WaveFormer Pro tool

SynaptiCAD rolled out a new version of their WaveFormer Pro tool. WaveFormer Pro is a tool for analyzing timing diagrams and translating digital and analog waveforms between simulators and test equipment. The latest version of the tool supports importing and exporting digital and analog waveforms to the latest Agilent and Tektronix logic analyzers and mixed-signal oscilloscopes.

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