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Migrate from eASIC Nextreme to ASIC with easicopy

eASIC introduced easicopy, which provides OEMs with a seamless path from an eASIC Nextreme or Nextreme-2 NEW ASIC to a, cell-based, easicopy ASIC. easicopy ASIC increases performance, and reduces device cost and power consumption. The easicopy ASIC migration product supports ASIC migrations from 90nm eASIC Nextreme and 45nm eASIC Nextreme-2 families to cell-based ASICs from foundries like Fujitsu Semiconductor and GLOBAL FOUNDRIES.

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QNX Safety Critical IEC 61508 Certification Support Package

QNX Software Systems introduced their IEC 61508 Certification Support Package for safety-critical systems. The IEC 61508 Certification Support Package helps engineers navigate the complexities of the rigorous certification process, up to and including SIL 3. The IEC 61508 Certification Support Package and its associated services will be available in June 2010.

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Imec and Altos Team on Chip Design and Prototyping Service

Imec and Altos Design Automation will to set up a library re-characterization service based on Altos characterization tools. imec will extend their ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) prototyping and volume fabrication service with library re-characterization, which is essential when designing in 65nm and 40nm nodes.

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IMEC and ANSEM Offer Design Service for Radio ICs

IMEC and ANSEM (an IMEC spinoff) are offering services for the customized design of radio ICs for wireless communication applications. The joint offering is ideal for companies that want to integrate IMEC’s research results, and choose to outsource the design and customized development of their advanced communication ICs. The technology that is offered includes IMEC’s first generation of flexible radio’s, reconfigurable transceivers that can be tuned to operate with all present and future cellular, WLAN, WPAN, broadcast, and positioning standards.

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VIA ACE-CNX Security Service

VIA Technologies created the ACE-CNX security service to help customers harness the power of the Advanced Cryptographic Engine (ACE) embedded at the core of all VIA processors. With the VIA ACE-CNX service, a team of security experts will work closely with customers to implement data encryption standards that meet widely accepted international standards. The advantage of data encryption through the hardware, as opposed to software, is that the encryption is seamless, fast and entirely unobtrusive to the end user.

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VIA System Design Manufacturing Service

VIA Technologies announced their new VIA System Design Manufacturing Service. VIA will provide OEMs and ODMs with customized versions of home and SOHO storage platforms targeting specific markets. VIA will combine processor platforms and chassis designs with a full design manufacturing service and comprehensive engineering support. This will enable OEMs and ODMs to address the needs of system integrators and retailers by speeding up product cycles and reducing production costs.

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Jasper Design Activation Services

Jasper Design Automation is offering Design Activation Services to help design houses and commercial IP vendors. The new service consists of specialized consulting to deliver an Activated Design (an executable design database) for a particular design block, several blocks, or an entire library. Design Activation Services leverage Jasper’s ActiveDesign with Behavioral Indexing.

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IC Design Services Industry in India Grows by Over 20%

According to In-Stat, India’s IC design services industry will continue to grow at over 20% per year through 2010. Cost advantages and availability of skilled manpower are two reasons why integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) have either outsourced part of their design activities to third-party design firms or created their own captive centers in India.

In-Stat believes Indian design companies will continue to move up the value chain by increasingly accomplishing the entire design instead of doing piecemeal design work.

In-Stat found the following:

  • Design services revenue in India is likely to grow from US$869 million in 2005 to US$2.45 billion by 2010.
  • The number of Indian design engineers will increase from 12,352 in 2005 to 40,893 by 2010.
  • One major issue facing the industry is availability of manpower. The industry is gearing up to meet this demand by fostering close ties with academia.

The research, India’s Design Services Market, covers the market for IC design services in India. It gives a five-year forecast (2005-2010) for the number of design starts in India. It forecasts design services revenue across application areas, and segments revenues and workforce between third-party design services and captive centers. It also highlights the percentage of design work across different process nodes. The price is $2,995 (US).

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