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ARC RealVideo Decoder

ARC International (LSE:ARK) announced the RealVideo® decoder for their Video Subsystem family. The new decoder supports RealVideo content encoded in versions 7, 8, 9 or 10 formats. The next best competitive solution requires 75% more cycles than a member of the ARC Video Subsystem family to decode similar RealVideo bit streams. ARC has contributed the optimized version of RealVideo in source code form to the RealNetworks® Helix(tm) Community, where the source code can be accessed by other Helix Community licensees for R&D or distribution.

More info: ARC International | RealNetworks Helix Community

Nextreme Ultra-High Packing Fraction OptoCooler Module

The Ultra-High Packing Fraction (UPF) OptoCooler module, from Nextreme Thermal Solutions(tm), is a new thermoelectric module that addresses the latest cooling and temperature control requirements for optoelectronics, electronics, medical, military, and aerospace applications. The new module has been optimized for laser diode, LED, and advanced sensor products. The UPF OptoCooler removes a maximum of 420 mW of heat at 25°C ambient in an active footprint of only 0.55 mm2. As a result, the module can pump a heat density up to 78 W/cm2. At 85 °C, these values increase to 610 mW and 112 W/cm2, respectively. OptoCooler modules are available now and can be purchased for $12 in unit volumes of 1000′s.

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Freescale Targets Mobile Internet Devices

Freescale Semiconductor is developing a high-performance audio and power management solution for Intel-based MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices). The highly integrated chipset is designed to efficiently manage power, enabling smaller form factors and longer battery life. The audio and power management chipset will be manufactured on Freescale’s advanced SMARTMOS(tm) technology, a high-voltage CMOS-based process that enables high integration of precision analog, power devices, and logic. When paired with Intel’s low-power processors and chipsets, the new power management chipset is expected to provide an energy-efficient processing solution for a range of Mobile Internet Devices. Initial samples of Freescale’s power management ICs are expected to be available in the second half of 2008.

More info: Freescale Semiconductor

Altima E2A3GM 832GB 2.5-inch Flash SSD

BiTMICRO Networks announced an 832GB version of the E-Disk® Altima(tm) SATA flash SSD in 2.5-inch form factor. E-Disk® Altima(tm) E2A3GM flash SSD will utilize the multi-level cell (MLC) type of NAND flash, which doubles the number of bits stored per memory cell compared to the single-level cell (SLC) NAND, effectively increasing data density at low price points. In addition, BiTMICRO will be using its EDSA(tm) and LUNETA(tm) controllers to optimize the performance of the E-Disk® Altima(tm) SATA flash SSD, allowing the drive to reach peak data transfer and I/O rates that are comparable with current SLC flash-equipped solid state drives.

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Samsung MLC 128G Solid State Drives

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed a multi-level cell (MLC) flash-based 128 Gigabyte (GB) solid state drive (SSD) in 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch versions for mobile applications, notebooks, and desktop PCs. The new drive offers a data writing speed of 70 megabytes per second (MB/s), the industry’s highest for MLC-based SSDs. Samsung expects to begin mass producing its 128GB SSD in the first half of 2008.

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Samsung Compact Flash Size Spinpoint A1 Hard Drives

Samsung’s Spinpoint A1 30GB and 40GB hard disk drives (HDD) are tiny. Real tiny. Tiny as in Compact Flash tiny. The new drives feature significantly higher storage capacity than conventional memory cards, high shock resistance, and low power consumption. The Spinpoint A1 HDDs are ideal for mobile consumer devices and will fit within the dimensions of the Compact Flash type II card form factor.

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Lambda Announces Lifetime Power Supply Warranty

Here’s something you don’t encounter too often. Today, Lambda Europe announced it is offering a lifetime warranty on its HWS series of industrial power supplies. Previously, the HWS series came with a 5 year warranty. The full range of models from 15W to 1500W, including “HD” heavy duty and “ME” medically approved versions are covered provided they are installed and used in accordance with Lambda’s instruction manual. The warranty does not cover moving parts like fans and blowers. Read the warranty (pdf) for more info.

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STi7111 HD Set-Top-Box Decoder

The STi7111, from STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM), is a new single-chip high-definition set-top box decoder that combines both the demodulation and decoding functions on a single device. The decoder is designed to meet the requirements of major satellite operators worldwide, including DIRECTV. The new chip enables OEMs to target the high-volume market for consumers moving to high-definition services. The STi7111 features a network interface and can be effectively used in a hybrid STB, where content is delivered by both a satellite and an IP network.

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Vishay SiP21301 Linear Regulator Controller

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) created an LDO controller (SiP21301) with adjustable and fixed output voltage options that uses external n-channel MOSFETs to provide extremely low drop-out voltages of under 50 mV at very high currents, up to 7 A, with 80% efficiency. The SiP21301 device is optimized for driving n-channel MOSFETs to power FPGAs, ASICs, and ASSPs in game consoles, set-top boxes, LCD televisions, and networking equipment.

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Texas Instruments TPS61165 High Brightness White LED Driver

The new TPS61165, from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN), is a high-brightness LED driver with an integrated 40-V, 1.2-A switch that can drive up to three 1-W LEDs in series. The device features an input voltage range of 3-V to 18-V, which enables designers to efficiently manage multiple high-power LEDs used in single-cell, battery-powered applications or point-of-load designs with a 9-V or 12-V bus. The TPS61165 allows LED brightness to be controlled by a digital single-wire interface or pulse width modulating (PWM) signal. The digital interface can program an internal register to set the LED current to one of the 32 logarithmic steps. The converter also comes with built-in protection features, such as open LED protection, soft-start, over-current limit and over-temperature protection.

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