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Microchip Technology Introduces Parallel SuperFlash Development Kit

Microchip Technology Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1

Microchip Technology introduced the Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1. The development kit features two Parallel Flash PICtail Plus daughter boards, one with a 64 Mbit device (the SST38VF6401) from the Advanced MPF+ family, and one with a 16 Mbit device (the SST39VF1601C) from the MPF+ family. The Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1 (part #AC243006-1 is available now for $30.

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Texas Instruments Debuts Stellaris EK-LM4F120XL LaunchPad Evaluation Kit

Texas Instruments Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad evaluation kit

Texas Instruments introduced the Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad evaluation kit. The TI Stellaris LaunchPad helps engineers, hobbyists and students explore ARM Cortex-M4F microcontrollers and TI’s Stellaris family of microcontrollers. In addition, the functionality of the Stellaris LaunchPad can be expanded with BoosterPacks. The Stellaris EK-LM4F120XL LaunchPad evaluation kit is available now for the promotional price of $4.99.

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Kontron Introduces COMe Starterkit Ref. Carrier T10

Kontron COM Express Starterkit Ref. Carrier T10

Kontron introduced their COM Express Starterkit Ref. Carrier T10. The COMe Starterkit features the Kontron COM Express Reference Carrier-i Type 10, 7″ WVGA touch panel, cables, PSU, and sturdy aluminium case. The Kontron COMe Starterkit Ref. Carrier T10 is configured to make evaluation and development of small form factor and mobile applications easy. The Kontron COM Express Starterkit Type 10 with the COM Express Reference Carrier-i Type 10 is available now.

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Microchip, Digilent Unveils Cerebot MX3cK, MX4cK, MX7cK Development Boards

Microchip Technology and Digilent introduced the Cerebot MX3cK, Cerebot MX4cK and Cerebot MX7cK development boards. The 32-bit PIC32 microcontroller-based boards feature prototyping capabilities for the Arduino compatible chipKIT development platform. The MX3/4/7 boards offer a single, general-purpose development platform for users to develop a wide range of 32-bit MCU applications using the free, Arduino-compatible chipKIT IDE (called the Multi-Platform IDE, or MPIDE). All three boards are available now. The Cerebot MX3cK board is priced at $39, the MX4cK board is $79, and the MX7cK board is $99.

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Microchip PIC18F26J50 EVK Flowcode Development Kit

element14, Microchip and Matrix teamed together to create the PIC18 Flowcode Developers Kit. The PIC18F26J50 EVK Flowcode Development Kit is designed to provide developers a hands-on approach for learning Flowcode 4, which is an advanced graphical programming language for microcontrollers. The development kit features the PIC18F26J50-EVK Board, USB cable, a lite version of Flowcode 4, and CD-ROM. The PIC18F26J50 EVK Flowcode Development Kit is available for $38.22.

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Atmel element14 AT91SAM9G45-EVK Evaluation Kit

Atmel and element14 teamed together on the AT91SAM9G45-EVK evaluation kit. The SAM9 development kit includes an evaluation board based on the Atmel’s new processor AT91SAM9G45. The board features 128 Mbytes DDR2 memory, 256 Mbytes SLC NAND Flash, USB host/device port, Ethernet 10/100 interface, two high-speed SD/MMC slots and a QVGA 320×240 LCD panel with resistive touch screen. The board supports Linux, WinCE and Android OS. In addition to the board, the Atmel element14 kit includes TFT LCD panel (4.3″ QVGA 480×272 resistive touch screen), 20 pins-10 pins JTAG converter, power adapter, and various cables.

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Microchip Low-Cost Controllerless Graphics PICtail Plus Daughter Board

Microchip Technology introduced their Low-Cost Controllerless (LCC) Graphics PICtail Plus Daughter Board. The Microchip LCC Graphics PICtail Plus Daughter Board enables the development of graphics applications without an external graphics controller. The LCC Graphics PICtail Plus Daughter Board (part # AC164144) is available now for $89.99.

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Kontron COM Express Starterkit Type 6

Kontron introduced their COM Express Starterkit Type 6. The kit features an Evaluation Board that provides an easy plug-in of COM Express modules and line-up many connectors and jacks. The starterkit also includes PSU, USB stick, cables and documentation. The Kontron starterkit helps application developers develop and evaluate new systems based on the latest COM Express pin-out Type 6 Computer-on-Modules. Samples of the Kontron COM Express Starterkit Type 6 are available now. Series production is scheduled for August.

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Digilent chipKIT Uno32 and Max32 Development Platform

Microchip Technology introduced the chipKIT open-source development platform. The chipKIT platform is compatible with Arduino hardware and software. The 32-bit-microcontroller-based platform enables hobbyists and academics to easily and inexpensively, integrate electronics into projects, even if they do not have a background in electronics engineering. The platform consists of the chipKIT Uno32 development board (clone of the Arduino Uno board) and the chipKIT Max32 (clone of the Arduino Mega board). chipKIT platform was designed and manufactured by Digilent.

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Texas Instruments C2000 Digital Power Kits

Texas Instruments introduced three digital power development kits for the TMS320C2000 microcontroller. The TI kits enable and simplify complex power supply functions for bridgeless design and Peak Current Mode Control (PCMC) with Slope Compensation. The three new kits are: (1) High Efficiency Bridgeless PFC AC/DC Developer’s Kit ($450), (2) Phase Shifted Isolated Full Bridge DC/DC Developer’s Kit ($550), and (3) Resonant LLC Isolated Half Bridge DC/DC Developer’s Kit ($400). The Piccolo-based development kits are now available for order.

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