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Flower Technology and EnSilica collaborate on ASIC mining solutions for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are based on scrypt hashing algorithms (Lifecoin, Auroracoin, Dogecoin, and Mastercoin) are on the rise. Scrypt-based cryptocurrency ASIC mining solution start-up Flower Technologies and eSi-RISC soft processor core and encryption and peripherals company EnSilica have partnered to develop the Orchid, which boasts high hashing speed, energy efficiency, and price/performance for an ASIC scrypt miner.

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European Design Automation Association 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award honors Symtavision’s Prof. Dr. Ing. Rolf Ernst

The European Design Automation Association (EDAA) Lifetime Achievement Award honors individuals who make innovative contributions to electronic design, automation, and testing of electronic systems. Symtavision Board member Prof. Dr. Ing. Rolf Ernst has had a major role in automotive systems, HW/SW co-design, and as chair of many conferences.

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Monte Carlo is the gold standard when it comes to yield analysis. But what happens when it breaks down at the 7+ yield?

Monte Carlo is the gold standard when it comes to yield analysis. But what happens when it breaks down at the 7+ yield?

One of the major issues to IC design now and going forward is manufacturing process variations impacting product yield. Achieving high yield means functionally working die while delivering high performance and rapidly getting to market. The typical design flow has inherent issues and as a result, the design for yield (DIY) centric design flow has been developed.

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Micron Announces High-Density 45 nm Serial NOR Flash

High-density 45 nm Serial NOR Flash from Micron Technology doubles programming speed and provides improved performance, higher manufacturing efficiency, and a smaller footprint. The MT25Q SPI NOR devices are targeted to consumer, automotive, industrial, and networking applications.

MT25Q features:

  • 512 Mb, 1 Gb, and 2 Gb densities
  • Standard SPI interface
  • 2 MBps programming speed
  • 66 MBps read performance
  • First 2 Gb device in a 6 mm x 8 mm BGA package

Drop-in compatibility with legacy NOR devices make it an option for new and existing designs. Best-in-class 2 MBps programming speed, improved erase performance, and 66 MBps read performance enable quick updates and boot performance. The small package also lends itself to shrinking footprint requirements.

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Vishay Intertechnology Announces Extension to Precision High-Power Thin Film Chip Resistors

Vishay Intertechnology announces extension to precision high-power thin film chip resistors

Discrete semiconductor and passive electronic component manufacturer Vishay Intertechnology’s PHP series of precision high-power thin film chip resistors are now extended to compact 0603 and 0805 cases for power ratings of 0.375 W and 0.675 W. The resistors are optimized for medical imaging, industrial, telecomm, and instrumentation applications.

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