European Design Automation Association 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award honors Symtavision’s Prof. Dr. Ing. Rolf Ernst

The European Design Automation Association (EDAA) Lifetime Achievement Award honors individuals who make innovative contributions to electronic design, automation, and testing of electronic systems. Symtavision Board member Prof. Dr. Ing. Rolf Ernst has had a major role in automotive systems, HW/SW co-design, and as chair of many conferences.

Ernst’s achievements include:

  • Theoretical work into compositional system-level performance analysis that formed the basis of Symtavisions’ SymTA/S tool suite
  • Created the university spin-out Symptavision along with Marek Jersak (now CEO of Symtavision) and Kai Richter (now CTO of Symptavision)
  • Developments with SymTA/S for advanced vehicle functions have become a de facto standard in automotive network design
  • Pioneered embedded computing work in HW/SW co-design with the COSYMA system, computation models with SPI, and embedded architectures for high performance apps that use these models such as FlexWare

Ernst has served as chair for conferences such as ICCAD, Codes, EMSOF, and ECRTS, as well as helping to shape DATE through his work as a General and Sponsors Chair and establishing and chairing the Embedded Software Track.

He continues to help shape electronic design through several German and European roadmap teams, and as a reviewer, consultant, and advisory board member for U.S. and European funding and research groups.

The award will be presented to Ernst during the plenary session of the 2014 DATE Conference in Dresden, Germany, March 24-28, 2014.

More info: Symtavision, DATE conference