AVX Low-Profile MLO Diplexers Provide Advantages for Mobile Apps

AVX MLO Diplexers for mobile applications.

AVX 0603 and 0805 MLO Diplexers measure at less than 0.55 mm and provide low insertion loses, parasitics, and high heat dissipation for Wi-Fi, WiMax, mobile telecomm, and GPS applications.

MLO Diplexer features:

  • Temperature range: -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Maximum power capacity: 4.5 W and 5W
  • Available with Ni/Au, Ni/Sn, and OSP coatings, all compatible with automatic soldering tech

Advanced passive component and interconnect solution company AVX Corporation boasts the lowest-profile 0603 and 0805 multi-layer organic (MLO) diplexers on the market. These MLOs are based on AVX’s high-density interconnect technology and deliver improved reliability when compared to ceramic and silicon components. These small sizes are best for engineers designing next-generation mobile devices.

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