Micron Announces High-Density 45 nm Serial NOR Flash

High-density 45 nm Serial NOR Flash from Micron Technology doubles programming speed and provides improved performance, higher manufacturing efficiency, and a smaller footprint. The MT25Q SPI NOR devices are targeted to consumer, automotive, industrial, and networking applications.

MT25Q features:

  • 512 Mb, 1 Gb, and 2 Gb densities
  • Standard SPI interface
  • 2 MBps programming speed
  • 66 MBps read performance
  • First 2 Gb device in a 6 mm x 8 mm BGA package

Drop-in compatibility with legacy NOR devices make it an option for new and existing designs. Best-in-class 2 MBps programming speed, improved erase performance, and 66 MBps read performance enable quick updates and boot performance. The small package also lends itself to shrinking footprint requirements.

More info: Micron Technology