LDRA Announces MISRA C:2012 Seminars

LDRA announced the MISRA C:2012 seminars. The half-day events introduces the new features of the MISRA C:2012, highlighting how the revised standard enables developers to take advantage of more C features, while avoiding unsafe C constructs. Project managers, software engineers, system engineers, software technical leads, verification engineers, process engineers, engineering managers, academics, and regulators will benefit from the MISRA C:2012 seminars.

MISRA C:2012 Seminar Topics

  • The reasons why MISRA C:2012 was developed and what is new since MISRA-C:2004
  • How the new standard can help you make better decisions about the use of popular programming language features
  • How MISRA C:2012 provides backwards compatibility to protect legacy code
  • How the introduction of “decidable and undecideable” prescriptive rules will help focus your test efforts
  • A demonstration of how to achieve MISRA C:2012 compliance

The seminars are taught by Chris Tapp, Chairman of the MISRA C++, member of the MISRA C Working group and one of the key authors of the new MISRA C:2012 standard.

MISRA C:2012 Dates and Locations

  • Andover, MA – October 15, 2013
  • Tysons Corner, VA – October 16, 2013
  • Detroit, MI – October 17, 2013
  • Phoenix, AZ – October 22, 2013
  • Santa Clara, CA – October 23, 2013

MISRA is a widely adopted, de facto safe-coding standard designed to help achieve software quality in automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical, defense and rail applications that have a high cost of failure. The first version, released in 1998 to target C90, was replaced by a 2004 version that provided extensions and improvements. The current MISRA C:2012 adds support for C99, increases the number of decidable rules to allow better tool enforcement, includes detailed rationale for all rules, and offers guidance for automatically generated code.

More info: MISRA C:2012