3D Solid Modeling and Analysis Webinar

Tanner EDA will host a webinar about 3D solid modeling and analysis. The webcast will demonstrate a 3D solid modeling and analysis capability that may be used for the design of MEMS and integrated MEMS-IC devices, their associated electronics and packaging in commercial MEMS systems. The online seminar will take place Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 from 8:30am to 9:30am Pacific time.

Tanner EDA 3D Modeler Webinar Topics

  • Creation of 3-dimensional device models from L-Edit layout for virtual prototyping
  • Creation of MEMS-specific layouts using Tanner EDA L-Edit MEMS
  • Conversion of a 3D solid model into a 2D mask layout

The webinar will show how 3D modeling tools enable designers to identify composition and fabrication errors early, which results in reduced time-to-market, higher product performance and lower manufacturing costs. Examples of how to visualize MEMS and IC devices in 3D using layout and fabrication step descriptions, as well as how to convert 3D solid models into 2D mask layouts, will be presented. A live Q&A session will be offered following the presentation and demonstration.

3D MEMS-IC systems are growing in their level of integration and complexity, often including multiple MEMS sensors/actuators, analog and digital circuitry, microcontrollers, and custom packaging. To meet ever-shrinking market windows, designers are utilizing advanced modeling and visualization tools that provide three-dimensional rendering. By combining device layout with a fabrication process description, a scalable 3D model can be rendered. In addition, a cross section viewer can enhance verification and validation by displaying cutaway views in the Z dimension based on user-defined cut lines.

More info: Tanner EDA 3D Modeler Webinar