Desktop EDA Launches SolidWorks Modeler for Altium Designer

Desktop EDA SolidWorks Modeler for Altium Designer

Altium introduced a new Solidworks modeler for Altium Designer. The new application by ECAD / MCAD collaboration experts Desktop EDA is the result of Altium’s first add-on app development partnership. In addition, Altium is working with other developers to bring other apps to electronic designers and is targeting a wider release of the distribution and licensing system later this year.

DesktopEDA’s SolidWorks Modeler for Altium Designer and its complementary add on SolidWorks allows PCB designs to be edited in both systems without the need for an intermediate file. With direct bidirectional design system integration, designers can take advantage of the strengths of both systems. Performing complex mechanical design operations or setting up for thermal simulation in SolidWorks whilst doing electronics design in Altium Designer. Changes made in SolidWorks can be automatically updated in Altium Designer and vice versa.

SolidWorks Modeler for Altium Designer Features

  • Create SolidWorks assemblies using native SolidWorks Parts with features
  • Full support for Altium Designer assembly variants
  • Support for complex PCB features, including: board cut-outs, keep-out regions, and complex height rules
  • Full bidirectional integration — changes made in SolidWorks are automatically updated in the Altium Designer PCB and vice versa
  • Save time by eliminating the need to create a new SolidWorks assembly for each PCB design change
  • Automatically create SolidWorks parts from Component Bodies defined in Altium Designer
  • Provides a starting point for thermal analysis by modeling PCB tracks, polygons and silk screen artwork in SolidWorks
  • Allows the use of parts with configurations and parts built as assemblies
  • Create a SolidWorks BOM using component parameters defined in the Altium Designer
  • Provides an alternative to using an assembly created from a PCB saved as a Step file
  • Available for Altium Designer 13 and all recent SolidWorks versions
  • 15 day trial available

More info: Altium | Desktop EDA