Symtavision Introduces Version 3.4 of SymTA/S and TraceAnalyzer

Symtavision SymTA/S and TraceAnalyzer v3.4

Symtavision released version 3.4 of SymTA/S and TraceAnalyzer. SymTA/S v3.4 includes a comprehensive, new timing design and analysis capability for LIN (Local Interconnect Network), which is a low-cost, distributed networking protocol used mainly in automotive and industrial applications. TraceAnalyzer is a tool for visualizing and analyzing timing data from both measurements and simulations. The tool seamlessly integrates with SymTA/S.

SymTA/S 3.4 and TraceAnalyzer 3.4 both feature improved Gantt loading. With the process now undertaken in background, engineers have greater control while loading large Gantts. In addition, the ability to copy and paste scripting API names and parameters improves the efficiency of working with scripts.

SymTA/S v3.4 features FlexRay dynamic segment analysis improvements, AUTOSAR XML 4.x import with Ethernet support, improved Gantt loading, individual license check out and scripting efficiency improvements.

The new LIN capability in SymTA/S 3.4 supports System Distribution and Worst Case analysis with multiple scheduling tables and multiple frame mapping as well as defining standard parameters such as individual bus speeds, time bases and jitter, enabling engineers to parameterize multiple LIN networks and analyze respective frame response times. An LDF (LIN Description File) interface also facilitates the importation of LIN communication matrices. Seamless integration with the SymTA/S analyses for CAN, Ethernet, FlexRay and OSEK / AUTOSAR-based ECUs facilitates end-to-end timing analysis for distributed functions via LIN, as well as the connection of LIN to CAN, Ethernet and FlexRay networks via gateways.

The existing SymTA/S FlexRay model has been enhanced to support the FlexRay 2.x standard with cycle multiplexing in the dynamic segment for System Distribution and Worst Case analyses enabling engineers to analyze end-to-end mixed bus scenarios both in terms of full synchronization and individual triggering.

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