Verisurf X7 Features Enhanced Output Options, SPC Analysis and AS9102 Reporting

Verisurf X7 software

Verisurf launched the latest version of their Verisurf X software. Verisurf X7 features Model-Based GD&T Inspection technology at its core. The all-new computer-aided inspection, reverse engineering and assembly guidance software now supports more options for reporting and presenting data, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Adobe 3D PDF Viewer.

Verisurf X7 Features

  • Expanded reporting output options, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Output to Adobe 3D PDF Viewer
  • Integration with InspectionXpert
  • Integration of CM4D SPC software
  • Customizable data trees
  • Controls for Repeatability Testing and Laser Scanner Measurements
  • Best Fit in Auto Inspection
  • MBD Manager Capture View Tool
  • Auto Hole Axis Tool
  • Smart Point Tools for Auto Alignment Targets
  • Improved Scaling of Features and Alignments

The 7th generation of Verisurf includes application features designed to enhance productivity and improve reporting, data management, measuring and more. Verisurf X7 includes integrated access to InspectionXpert software for automating the creation of drawing based AS9102 first article inspection and reporting. It also integrates with cm4d, Statistical Process Control software.

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