Altia Launches Design 11 User Interface Development Editor

Altia Design 11 user interface development editor

Altia launched version 11 of their user interface development editor. Altia Design 11 includes new features and enhancements to simplify and accelerate graphical user interface development. The new version of the software tool helps designers become more productive and more successful when developing Altia GUIs. Altia Design 11 is available now.

Altia Design 11 includes a new interface with enhancements that will make GUI development quicker and easier. The enhanced editor includes a familiar ribbon and pane format and easy-to-use drop down menus for quick access to all Altia Design features.

New features like Breadcrumb Trail, Canvas view and Global Find will give designers more information about their Altia design and make them more productive and faster. Additional updates to Altia Design include powerful new Animation editor features like Renamer, Scrubber and in-line string editing capability.

Altia’s user interface software enables development teams to build complete user interface models. Teams can start with graphics created from scratch or imported from industry-standard design programs like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. With Altia, teams have the capability to create a completely custom user interface without hand-coding graphics.

The Altia GUI can be connected to a variety of simulation tools or C code to create a complex, user-driven model which can be shared for management reviews and user testing. This eliminates the need for costly hardware mockups. Once validated and approved, users can automatically generate graphics code for their Altia GUI and deploy it directly to production hardware.

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