Synopsys Formality Ultra Speeds Implementing and Verifying of Functional ECOs

Synopsys recently launched Formality Ultra, which is a new configuration of the Formality equivalency checking solution. Formality Ultra enables designers to reduce the time and effort required to implement ECOs. This increases schedule predictability and helps engineers close designs on time. The Synopsys tool gives designers the ability to implement more complex functional changes as engineering change orders rather than wait for the next derivative of the design.

Synopsys Formality Ultra Highlights

  • Reduces days of effort for each functional engineering change order (ECO)
  • Includes advanced matching, visualization and fast verification technologies
  • 2X speedup for implementing and verifying functional ECOs

Formality Ultra includes matching and verification technologies to efficiently guide engineers through the implementation of functional ECOs with minimal impact to the design and verify the correctness of the ECOs in minutes for multimillion instance designs. The tool’s new capabilities will help designers cut in half the time they spend implementing ECOs late in the design cycle. This will result in shorter, more predictable schedules.

The Synopsys Formality Ultra adds advanced matching techniques that visually highlight the mismatch between the RTL and netlist representations of a design, allowing designers to efficiently zoom in on the changes required to implement an ECO. In addition, a new multi-point verification technology very quickly checks multiple changes made to the design enabling designers to verify the correctness of their ECOs in a matter of minutes on multi-million instance designs.

More info: Synopsys Formality Ultra