Carbon SoCDesigner Plus Features More Swap & Play Models

Carbon Design Systems recently released the latest version of SoCDesigner Plus. The new version expands the models eligible to be used with Swap & Play. SoCDesigner Plus automatically supports all fabric and DDRx memory controller components. As a result, many more design teams can boot an operating system in seconds and then debug with 100% accuracy using Swap & Play. Carbon’s newly enhanced Swap & Play support and updated CPAKs are available now for all SoCDesigner Plus users.

The Swap & Play technology enables a virtual prototype to boot an operating system, such as Linux or Android, in seconds and then debug or optimize performance with 100% implementation accuracy.

The new release of SoCDesigner Plus provides designers with a way to use fabric components and DDRx memory controllers from any vendor or internal source in a virtual prototype capable of Swap & Play. The components compliment the Fast Model component library from ARM and allow users to quickly configure a complete Swap & Play virtual prototype system.

More info: Carbon Design Systems