Mentor Graphics Introduces Capital Harness TVM Tool

Mentor Graphics Capital Harness TVM tool

Mentor Graphics recently introduced their Capital Harness TVM tool. The software automatically generates detailed harness manufacturing process and cost data that is specific to each harness design, each factory and each company’s cost models. Capital Harness TVM helps harness manufacturers win business profitably, and is also a platform for other activities such as value engineering and process optimization.

Mentor Graphics Capital Harness TVM Features

  • Easy to use graphical process-management tool generates multi-level, structured BOMs to drive ERP systems
  • Increases the efficiency of process planners and reducing cycle times
  • Generates rapid and accurate labor and material time and cost estimates from detailed sub-assembly task analysis
  • Supports faster and more competitive quotation, and higher profitability by elimination of errors
  • Configurable operations, operation-sequences, tasks and factory models capture best-practice process expertise that can be applied across multiple manufacturing sites
  • Improves standardization and cutting costs
  • Automated identification of common sub-assemblies eliminates sub-assembly duplication and cuts manufacturing costs
  • Faster process planning supports longer-term planning of resources allowing companies to avert planning/manufacturing resource crises
  • Automated generation of sub-assembly part-numbers for feeding ERP systems reduces effort and improves efficiency
  • Automated processing of harness design data from Capital HarnessXC, Capital ModularXC, VeSys 2.0 Harness

Capital Harness TVM features rapid, accurate harness manufacturing process modeling and cost calculation capabilities to the Capital “Define-Design-Build-Service” flow. It is a native Capital application that is able to act directly on design data generated by other Capital tools. In addition, it can also read data in several standard formats, including the emerging KBL standard. Capital Harness TVM can be implemented either as part of an extended Capital flow or stand-alone; data can also be received from the Mentor mid-market VeSys product, or from other industry tools.

Capital Harness TVM addresses a critical business dynamic for wire harness suppliers: how to respond rapidly to requests for quotation. Rapid responses are needed both to win new business and to accommodate design changes, and are particularly challenging because wire harness manufacturing is typically a low-margin business. Capital Harness TVM provides rapid, highly detailed manufacturing cost data and also supports process choice and sourcing decisions, thus delivering total value management.

More info: Mentor Graphics Capital Software Tool (pdf)