Synopsys Debuts Virtualizer Development Kit for Freescale Qorivva Microcontroller

Synopsys Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) for Freescale Semiconductor's Qorivva microcontroller family

Synopsys introduced the Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) for Freescale Semiconductor’s Qorivva microcontroller family. The Synopsys VDK accelerates the development of automotive control applications in powertrain/hybrid, chassis/safety and body electronic control units (ECUs). Synopsys’ automotive VDKs help OEMs and tier-one suppliers to enhance their embedded software development processes by starting earlier, improving productivity and enabling more and better testing in support of safety standards such as ISO 26262. The VDK for Freescale Qorivva MCUs is available now.

Synopsys Virtualizer Development Kit for Freescale Qorivva MCU

  • System level debug and analysis software development tools providing higher visibility and controllability on execution
  • Scripting interface enables test scenario execution, error injection and customizable developer interface
  • Synchronized 3rd party debugger integration support including Lauterbach and Green Hills
  • Co-simulation tool integration with Mathworks Simulink, Synopsys SABER and Vector CANoe to establish virtual Hardware-in-the-Loop environment
  • Full reference MCU virtual prototype included (Freescale Qorivva MPC5643L)
  • Complete set of peripherals such as timers, memories and communication protocols including LIN and CAN
  • I/O models for connection to external applications including simulation tools and VDK tools
  • Models are adaptable and extendable using Synopsys Virtualizer tool set and CoStart services to support the entire Freescale Qorivva MCU family

The Synopsys Virtualizer Development Kit includes virtual prototypes of the Qorivva MCU family; software development tools; built-in support for integration with Mathworks’ Simulink, Synopsys’ Saber and Vector’s CANoe simulation tools; and sample code and scripts supporting a broad range of automotive software development use cases.

The Qorivva software development kit seamlessly integrates with third- party debuggers and automotive development tools. The VDK provides all the necessary models and tools to accelerate the development and debug of embedded software targeted for automotive ECUs.

VDKs enable automotive developers to start software development before the physical ECU is available, accelerating the system integration and fault and coverage testing necessary to address the challenges created by the increasing software content, system complexity and safety certification requirements in automotive ECUs. Synopsys’ VDK for Freescale’s Qorivva MCU family gives designers full system visibility and control to accelerate the debug, analysis and testing of software running on Qorivva MCUs, resulting in higher product quality and containment of rising development costs.

The Synopsys VDK for Freescale’s Qorivva MCU family includes a reference virtual prototype for the Qorivva MCU family. This reference virtual prototype represents a complete microcontroller that includes multiple CPU cores, timers, memories, communication blocks such as LIN or CAN, and analog and error control modules to enable immediate deployment.

More info: Synopsys VDK for Freescale Qorivva MCU (pdf)