Corelis Rolls Out Boundary-Scan Tool Suite v7.8

Corelis released a new version of their ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite. Version 7.8 of the tool features improved cluster testing support, intelligent BSDL file handling, and a new model-based test coverage. The new version also expands JTAG Embedded Test (JET) support to Texas Instruments AM335x Sitara processors. Current Corelis customers that have a valid maintenance contract can now access the new version 7.8 CD through the Corelis support website.

ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite v7.8 Improvements

  • A new model based test coverage
  • Test vector generation limits to nets where all nodes have been identified with a device model
  • Cluster definitions are now assignable by pin numbers in addition to the net name
  • The ScanExpress TPG parsing engine will now automatically ignore leading “P” values found in pin definitions for non-BGA type BSDL files
  • Floating network licenses are now supported under Linux
  • JET support for Texas Instruments AM335x processors

More info: Corelis