VIA Labs, Microsoft Team on SuperMUTT Pack USB Test Tool

VIA Labs VL811+ USB 3.0 Hub Controller

VIA Labs introduced the SuperMUTT Pack USB test tool. The VIA tool is part of the Microsoft USB Test Tool kit (MUTT) and is an integral part of the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK). The SuperMuttPack integrates a VIA Labs VL811+ USB 3.0 Hub Controller. It is designed to work with the MUTT family of devices. The SuperMUTTPack USB test tool kit includes a SuperMUTT Pack Device, a USB 3.0 cable, 12V power supply, and an instruction manual. The WHCK can be downloaded separately from Microsoft.

MUTT devices such as the SuperMUTT Pack simplify USB compatibility and interoperability testing by simulating over 1,000 types of devices while introducing a rigorous, truly repeatable, and automated testing framework. Use of MUTT devices in conjunction with WHCK enables hardware engineers to design, build, and certify higher quality USB-enabled systems and devices. This ensures the best possible user experience under Windows 8.

The VIA Labs VL811+ is an advanced 4-port USB 3.0 Hub controller featuring low power consumption and comprehensive USB Charging support. The custom in-house USB PHY supports USB power management and gives the VIA Labs VL811+ excellent signal integrity characteristics and improved backwards compatibility. VL811+ also features a flexible firmware architecture and provides a framework for custom functions in addition to in-field updates.

VIA Labs VL811+ is USB-IF SuperSpeed Certified, and works under Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Since USB 3.0 hubs do not require additional drivers, the VIA Labs VL811+ is also compatible with non-x86 devices and platforms that support USB hub functions such as tablets. It is ideal for all USB hub applications such as standalone USB hubs, Notebook/Ultrabook docking stations/port-replicators, desktop PC front panel, motherboard on-board hub, and USB hub compound devices.

More info: VIA Labs VL811+ Evaluation Board