Synopsys Galaxy Custom Router up to 5X Faster

Synopsys announced their new Galaxy Custom Router. The Galaxy Custom Router technology provides automatic routing for complex high-speed digital and mixed-signals nets that require carefully crafted, high-quality layouts, such as shielded buses or nets, differential pairs, twisted pairs and matched resistance and capacitance (RC) routing. Galaxy Custom Router is key to a unified solution for digital and custom system-on-chip design.

The Synopsys Galaxy Custom Router offers 2 to 5X productivity improvements over manual efforts and is ready for use with advanced designs. The new shape-based router supports 20-nanometer (nm) and smaller process technology design rules, including double-patterning.

Galaxy Custom Router enables the IC Compiler solution users to create high-quality routing patterns for difficult routing tasks, such as differential pair routing, shielded routing (including bus and differential pair shielding), matched RC routing, river routing and point-to-point coaxial routing. Engineers can pre-route sensitive nets using a rich set of custom routing options and continue with IC Compiler to complete the physical implementation.

Galaxy Custom Router supports advanced process technology nodes, including 20nm. It automatically creates colorable routing patterns. It also supports variable track grids — a requirement for some advanced-node processes. Galaxy Custom Router adheres to constraints specified in IC Compiler, including default and non-default design rules, routing grids, route keep-outs, route blockages and route guides.

More info: Synopsys, Inc.