Mentor Embedded Optimizes Nucleus SmartFit

Mentor Graphics recently launched their new Nucleus SmartFit product. Nucleus SmartFit is a value-based development platform for developers that are migrating from bare metal to an RTOS environment where embedded devices require intelligence, connectivity, and low-power functionality. Pricing for the Mentor Nucleus SmartFit starts at $3,995. Devices supported by the Nucleus SmartFit product include Freescale Kinetis, and Texas Instruments’ Stellaris.

Nucleus SmartFit is a cost-effective, binary version of the Nucleus RTOS (real time operating system). It is optimized to fit the limited internal memory of 32-bit MCUs. Nucleus SmartFit includes Sourcery CodeBench development tools and provides developers with broad connectivity and power consumption options for developing products based on 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs).

Mentor Embedded Nucleus SmartFit Features

  • Comprehensive and configurable RTOS and IDE solution for MCU devices
  • Full-featured binary version of Nucleus RTOS
  • Optimized for size to fit in the internal memory of an MCU
  • Accelerates application development with integrated Sourcery CodeBench IDE
  • Includes plug-n-play with configurable middleware and pre-packaged BSPs
  • Supports a broad range of industry leading MCUs

More info: Mentor Graphics Nucleus SmartFit