Flowmaster Thermal Analysis Tool Includes New Experiments Features

Mentor Graphics has added new capabilities to their Flowmaster simulation software solution for thermo-fluid systems. The new experiments features in the new Flowmaster release provide engineers with the ability to conduct superior ‘what-if’ analysis for fluid flow simulations. The ability to export Flowmaster models as C code or S-Functions helps systems engineers perform system level testing of embedded systems in real-time environments.

The new Flowmaster experiments capability harnesses the power of robust simulation within an exploratory methodology. It enables designers to create response surfaces and export meta-model data as either standard ANSI C code or as S-Functions for use in a real-time environment providing support for hardware-in-the-loop simulations. Using a Latin Square algorithm helps engineers generate unique combinations of distributed input values between specific bounds. This ability creates an ideal foundation for designing experiments, and the creation of meta-models and response surfaces that characterize a Flowmaster system response.

In the new version of Flowmaster, Monte Carlo simulations can be performed to produce simulation results based on a probability distribution generated from a mean and standard deviation for selected input parameters. This allows the effect of small variations in input values to be examined and allows the Flowmaster product to be used in risk analysis and quality control environments such as Design for Six Sigma (DFSS).

In addition, systems engineers can now implement an integrated native 1D-3D solution by leveraging the power of the Flowmaster and FloEFD products. Computational Sciences Expert Group (CSEG) provides simulation services to automotive and aerospace OEMs by providing predictive analytical capability in the product design cycle.

Additional Flowmaster Capabilities

  • Improved thermal bridge for heat transfer analysis which automatically recognizes the transition between different flow regimes
  • Dynamic journal bearing based on the popular Booker and Martin modeling for fluid flow analyses
  • Advanced heat exchangers used to predict pressure drop and heat duty for single phase, cross-flow, compact heat exchangers
  • Traceable data management for project sharing and effective project management

More info: Mentor Graphics Flowmaster